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The Weather Network – Don’t call it a comeback, Canada: Winter hasn’t even started

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We’ve seen this pattern before. Arctic air he flowed across Canada in early November. The top two ridges promise the next cold snap he will take hold in early December, with more snowfall and cooler temperatures in many parts of the country.

The center of the polar vortex is over eastern Siberia. A significant amount of frigid air is blown away by the high-pressure building ridges over Alaska.

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This pattern also seems very non-temporal. Another ridge wants to trap the cold across the country. Signs of a blocking pattern are building in eastern Greenland, and a cold anomaly is sweeping into Canada.

how cold is it? Well, this is the first forecast for the coldest daytime highs over the next 10 days across western Canada. Some of these measurements can be a little conservative.

Lowest Temperature

Remember the Canadian provinces of Vancouver and Victoria that recorded snow before Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec? There is a strong tendency to descend to sea level.

Temperatures are unlikely to hit the 20s again, but warmer temperatures are likely across Ontario and Quebec, especially if a storm track appears to the northwest.

Focusing on Arctic air staying across western Canada and plummeting deep into the southwestern United States, this creates a boundary for the system to move northward toward the eastern half of the country. The contrast between Arctic air to the west and mild warmth from the northeastern United States will be the recipe for storm patterns in Ontario, Quebec, and possibly Atlantic Canada later next week.

All of this rests on a ridge that cuts across the southeastern United States. With stronger ridges, warming temperatures spread northward, sometimes even extending into the Canadian Atlantic.


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