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Thousands Without Power, Multiple Accidents Reported as November Snow Hits Avalon

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The Avalon Peninsula’s first real taste of winter is causing major headaches on the way home from work.

Wet, sloppy snow began falling in the area early this afternoon, creating slippery road conditions.

That, combined with widespread power outages affecting much of northeast Avalon, adds to the difficulties faced by commuters during the late afternoon and evening hours.

Many traffic lights are out and drivers are slowing as they pass through the affected intersection as a four-way stop.

It affected the area from Bell Island to Kilbride, Mount Pearl, and the western tip of St. John’s. The cause of the power outage is under investigation, and it is not known at this time when power will be restored.

David Neal, of Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service in Gander, said the Gander area already had about six centimeters of snow, but the snow is expected to abate by dinner. The snow in Avalon will not disappear until the evening and is expected to take another 5 cm before it is completely clear.

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Wide swaths of the metropolitan area are in darkness as weather conditions caused a power outage.

Power is out from Kilbride to Mount Pearl, St. Phillips, Portugal Cove, Belle Island, the eastern edge of downtown, and parts of the western edge.

The cause of the outage is under investigation.

Power outages are affecting traffic lights and drivers must treat intersections like four-way stops.

According to the RCMP, TCH conditions are very poor, with wet, snowy and muddy sections. Visibility is poor and many accidents occur on highways.

The roads in the metropolitan area are also snow covered and slippery, causing many accidents throughout the Greater St. Johns area.

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