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Toronto woman faces eviction after mother dies

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A woman in Toronto asks her landlord to show human compassion and not evict her from where she lived for the past 36 years because her mother died.

An emotional Janice Walker said in an interview with CTV News, “I don’t really get a chance to grieve because I have to think about where I’m going to live and what these people are going to do.” Toronto .

The 55-year-old came to Canada from Jamaica in 1987. The two moved into his one-bedroom apartment in Parkdale and have lived there ever since.

But at the end of December, Walker’s mother passed away at the age of 91. When she informed her building that Walker had passed away, she was shocked to learn that she was listed as a resident, not a tenant.

That conversation was followed up with a letter about her “unauthorized occupancy.” A date that has passed.

“My mother isn’t buried, so are you going to kick me out?” she said.

To make matters worse, Walker said he contacted the building’s supervisor several years ago to be listed as a tenant and was under the impression that changes had been made.

Walker is her mother’s caregiver and works in retail. His rent is $1,084.20. Walker said he can’t afford to pay any more and he’s worried about being homeless.

“On January 25th, we offered Walker the best lease rate for a one-bedroom apartment in the area. ,” said The Myriad Group. Statement by email to CTV News Toronto.

The company also said it is waiting for Walker’s response to this offer and is asking her to respond in order to quickly resolve the matter.

“We are committed to working with Ms. Walker to seek the best possible solution. We warrant that we are in full compliance with the rights of

A photo of Janice Walker’s building can be seen here.

This isn’t the first time Walker has faced eviction. Walker, his mother, and dozens of other tenants in the same building in June forced to evict After years of having air conditioning units and not paying extra to power them, it suddenly seemed forced.

Walker obeyed the landlord, removed the air conditioner, got a fan, and dealt with the sweltering heat.

“I panicked,” she said. “Because there are moms who see the eviction notice and can’t move in bed.”

The company told CTV News Toronto that it has reached a resolution with its tenants on AC units.

The Parkdale Organize, which supports the tenants, said those threats never actually occurred because the landlord didn’t file an eviction notice for the hearing. The tactics used by companies that own buildings are part of the GTA pattern.

“Around the city, landlords are moving tenants out for profit. They want to get as much money out of their units as possible and see it as their right to get market rent.” spokesperson Emina Gamlin said.

Walkers wants to lease her name and doesn’t want to pay more rent.

“I keep saying where is human compassion,” she said.

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