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Tory uses strong mayor powers to appoint new city manager

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Mayor John Torrey used the powerful new mayoral powers granted by the state to appoint Paul Johnson as the new mayor.

Torrey made his decision following “extensive research” by independent parties and the recommendations of a four-person hiring committee that convened in June. Stephen Holliday and former councilor Mike Leighton.

“Paul Johnson is a leader with a strong track record of serving our community, driving efficiency, effectively budgeting and inspiring our teams,” Tory said in a statement. “I know he will be a great mayor of Toronto.”

Tracey Cook has been serving as Interim Mayor since August 19th. Chris Murray resigns 4 years later in June.

Johnson Joined City as Deputy Mayor for Community and Social Services It was just over a year ago in September 2021, after a decade-long career in the City of Hamilton, holding various positions.

“I would like to thank Mayor John Torrey and the hiring committee for giving me the opportunity to take on this new challenge,” Johnson said in a statement. “I am honored to be entrusted with leading the incredibly talented and hardworking Toronto Public Service to improve the quality of life for Toronto residents, especially in the post-pandemic era. It’s a city full of life and we look forward to building on the important work already underway to provide essential services and improve the livability of our neighborhoods. .”

Growing concerns about the exercise of powerful mayoral powers

The appointment is one of the first times the Conservative Party has used its new powers granted by the states. Previously, the appointment of the mayor, effectively the municipality’s highest civil servant, was the task of the council.

A new law in the state allows mayors to consult with the council, but mayors can also appoint themselves.

The move elicited a sharp reaction from Kaun on Friday.Josh Matlow said I learned about an important decision from a press release.

“Rather than participate in the election of Toronto’s mayor under the authority of the new mayor created by Doug Ford, I only learned of the appointment by reading Mayor Tory’s statement and press release,” Toronto St. Paul’s councilor tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Matlow expressed concern about the “politicization of city officials.”

“I congratulate the new mayor on his appointment and wish him every success,” Matrow said. and the fact that he and other senior personnel can be unilaterally hired and fired without the necessary checks and balances.”

New powers the state recently granted to the mayor of Toronto include the power to create and reorganize city departments, hire and fire department heads, and appoint mayors. Critics have raised concerns that such a system could centralize power around the mayor’s office in an undemocratic way.

The Ford administration made the change citing the need to move along housing developments.

Tory has already said he will use his powers to create a new city division focused on housing.

Asked by reporters on Friday if he was concerned that his powers could be used in harmful ways by future mayors, Torrey did not directly answer, but he said he would not give an answer over the next four years. He said he was concentrating.

“I’m a freshly elected mayor, and all I can say is that people can see me and my track record and how I’ve been committed to acting in this office,” he said. “And I will act the same as if the law had not been changed.”

He added that the new powers “will help get things done better and faster.”

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