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Trucker charged with 24 offences from three stops in 22 hours

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We all know Highway 11 is a dangerous road, but some drivers make it even worse.

OPP reported that a 45-year-old Brampton transport driver was charged with 24 charges within 24 hours.

The charges charged by OPP near Timmins included three different stops from 10:00 am on January 28th to 8:00 am on January 29th.

According to the police, the charges include careless driving and long driving.

Distracted driving is defined as driving a vehicle on a highway without due care, attention, or due consideration for other people using the highway.

In Canada, commercial truck drivers are required to stop driving after 13 hours of driving time following the end of the last 8 consecutive hours off duty. He has worked 14 hours since the end of his most recent consecutive 8 hours off duty. 70 hours over 7 consecutive days or 120 hours over 14 consecutive days.

Court-imposed penalties for careless driving include fines ranging from $400 to $2,000, plus the victim’s fine surcharge and court costs. Ontario driver license suspension for up to two years. and/or imprisonment not exceeding six months.

This story started at 10:47 am on January 28th. The South Porcupine OPP responded to traffic complaints of traffic veering across the road. Police found it on Highway 11 near Ramore and the driver was charged with his four counts of traffic violations.

At 12:32 am the next day, OPP implemented a traffic stop for the same trucks and drivers on Highway 11 near Val Court. The driver has also been charged with four counts of his HTA violations.

At 7:39 am that same day, OPP responded to a traffic complaint about the same driver on Highway 11 near Smooth Rock Falls.

The investigation resulted in the driver being charged with a total of 24 violations.

  • Three counts of non-return of driver’s license
  • Two counts of failure to surrender test schedules
  • 2 cases of omission of incomplete entries in the daily inspection report
  • Improper driving of a minor defective commercial vehicle or two counts of towed vehicles
  • Careless driving 3 counts
  • Unnecessary slow driving 2 count
  • 2 counts failed to maintain daily logs
  • Failed to abandon daily log
  • Drivers who have multiple daily reports
  • 10 hours a day without rest
  • Over 13 hours of operation without 8 hours off
  • Drive 8 hours without rest after 14 hours of work
  • Drive 16 hours after last break without 8 hours off
  • Not keeping records of working conditions
  • Cannot manually enter information in ELD
  • enter inaccurate information in a record

The owner of the shipment from Edmonton, Alberta was also charged with five charges:

  • Do not abandon the inspection schedule
  • Omission of entry of defects in daily inspection report 2 times
  • Improperly driving a commercial vehicle with minor defects
  • require, request or permit the driver not to comply with Section 18;

The vehicle was taken out of service at Cochrane. OPP encourages drivers to drive within their allotted time. Driving while tired affects your judgment, perception and reaction time.

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