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Vancouver police misconduct probe of sexual harassment video

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Members of the Vancouver Police Department made “videos that appear to ridicule an ongoing sexual harassment investigation within the VPD and minimize its seriousness,” according to a report from the state police oversight agency. , shared.

For information on the investigation of the video and subsequent recommendations to the Police Commission, please visit Office of the Chief of Police Complaints 2021/2022 Annual Report, was released and submitted to Congress on Tuesday. It does not specify when the video was created, nor does it provide any details about its content. It also did not mention how many officers were involved or the disciplinary action they faced.

Reports say the video was made “using police equipment and/or facilities.” During the investigation, the OPCC found that it was “disseminated to numerous VPD officers, including supervisors who did not take sufficient action in response.” It also highlighted a worrying attitude of dismissing it as ‘black humor’.”

The OPCC will review the misconduct investigation completed by the Vancouver Police Commission and consider how “cultural factors” within the department have contributed to the creation, sharing and minimization of the department. Recommended.

“Using the VPD facility to create and share videos appears to have revealed gaps in workplace policies and cultural considerations that the OPCC assessed as requiring further scrutiny by the Board.” said the report.

In addition, the Board reviewed the unit’s training, policies, and procedures “regarding respectful workplace conduct” and reviewed them “to ensure that such issues are properly recognized and addressed.” I was asked to create or modify.

The OPCC said the board took “immediate and comprehensive action”. The matter was referred to the Human Resources Committee, which produced a report and recommendations, and passed a motion requesting the department to provide the board with internal statistics on harassment complaints.

The Complaint Summary is a section of the OPCC report that outlines the recommendations made to the Police Commission to address potentially systemic problems rather than individual complaints. The purpose of these recommendations, according to the report, is to “prevent the recurrence of police misconduct that may have led to complaints and investigations.”

CTV News has reached out to the Vancouver Police Department, the Vancouver Police Commission and the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner for more information. This story will be updated when a response is received.

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