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10 Incredible Unknown Games To Wishlist Right This Minute

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The beautiful shining sky of Heart Of Muriet.

screenshot: micro tail

as another member of the team Kotaku I’m chasing turkeys at my local Macy’s (I did some more research on what Thanksgiving is this year), got the keys to the site again, locked everyone out, and quickly lost those keys. While you’re stuck with , I think I should tell you about a great looking indie game coming up soon.

See, it could be worse. I was trying to create some kind of feedline for the phrase “I can grab a day for each raid”. [Ghost of Ari sweeps through Kotaku HQ’s dusty halls] A better use of all of our time is to inform you of many indie games like Ace in Danger that you otherwise wouldn’t hear about. Wishlist them, boost your YouTube views, and tell all the other kids about them at recess.

As always, I do not personally endorse any of these games. clarion call, and I haven’t played them unless I say so. It’s all about seizing the opportunity to use this massive platform to highlight the kinds of games that the gaming media usually ignores. Let’s get started!

micro tail

Muliet’s Heart

See, that’s all. Muriet’s house It’s a voxel-based RTS that avoids micromanagement entirely in favor of strategic play. OMG, watch that trailer. I usually get worried when I read “voxel”, but that’s not the case this time.looks like someone made a stop motion movie Mine Craftand the results are absolutely fascinating.

Developer: micro tail

release: August 2023

Click here for demo and wishlist



Cold War era spy sim. You can choose your country’s intelligence agency and play as that agency on the world map from 1946 to his 2020. The video above is a great example of how you can make a game that is originally just a picture of a map look thrilling. With 74 playable countries and the claim that you can rewrite history Paradox-style, this is very ambitious.

Developer: Ex Vivo Studios

release: to be decided

Wishlist here

mythic owl

Odyssey of Harmony

It was released last month and I’m most mad at myself for not making time for it yet Odyssey of HarmonyBased solely on how colorful it is, it deserves everyone’s attention. A gorgeous action-adventure filled with puzzles that rearrange reality in a series of dioramas. I am very happy to receive an email from MythicOwl.

Developer: mythic owl

release: right now

buy here

moon of Jupiter

Jupiter Moons: Mecha

No, you can’t migrate to “Roguelike Deck Builder” right now. moon of Jupiter caught my eye, once againYou’ll be a mech pilot fighting off pirates and bandits from Jupiter’s moon colony, but now you’re using cards. This is a case where the trailer really sells in a crowded marketplace, a fast-paced combination of action albeit intricate buildouts of mecha and flinging cards around the screen. Also, I really like the way the art looks. And it was already on the wishlist.

Developer: rock and bush

release: 2023

Wishlist here

anti games


You’ll soon find out why Wholesome gaming has taken off recently about GourdIt’s a city-building sandbox, but it really makes sense. So many city building games that say “sandbox” simply mean “you can put buildings where you want while ticking off this list of objectives”. This is not it: apparently no goal or purpose. Just a joy to build a cute little city and watch gourd vegetable people move around and interact with what you create.

Developer: anti games

release: 2023

Click here for demo and wishlist

Lewis G. Bent

Corpus Edax

To be honest, I was clearly yelled at when I read the Luis G. Bento blurb Corpus Edax (Latin for body eater, I think…), he claimed he was making an immersive sim deus ex When fall out, my outspoken response was, “No, it’s not.” Because people can’t do that. Then I saw the trailer…he could be. Now, the above footage is described as “pre-pre-alpha”, but it’s not just you, it has no sound. Impressive, isn’t it? You’ll also notice that there are no guns in this “retro he’s futuristic” (no) RPG, instead only using objects that are lying around to fight. like in real life.

Developer: Lewis G. Bent

release: September 2023

Wishlist here

STARS IN THE TRASH – Announcing Trailer

Stars in the Trash

If you’re a certain age (it’s called old), you probably remember the heyday of 2D Disney platformers.was Aladdin, The Lion King, and that’s it.but both were worshipedwhich combines a half-decent platform game with Disney’s animation style. Stars in the Trash. If it’s more like an 80’s Euro cartoon than Disney, you can see it in a video that looks great. I don’t really like the title, but the game itself looks nice.

Developer: Valhalla Cats

release: Q4 2023

Click here for demo and wishlist

Dappy Detective Tasia – Trailer

Dappy Detective Tasia

Developer Spritewrench has two projects in the works.Next year’s first project will be the brilliantly named About parrot danger. It looks like an interesting puzzle game. The trailer’s familiar puzzle type rather surprised me with the menu option “Destroy All Humanity.” But what gets me even more is his Duppy Detective Tashia in 2024. Help your famous boyfriend Tashia find a stolen phone and a shadow in this Caribbean-set detective game. It is based on regional folklore where “Dappy” is a form of ghost, sometimes a malevolent spirit, and is the basis for many excellent stories.

Developer: spry wrench

release: 2024

Wishlist here

gross trailer


Another yelling game name, but this time the word that needs it. This is tower defense (remember?) with FPS elements! There have been times in the last decade when I wrote “Tower Defense with XXX elements”, but never “FPS”. The trailer is bloody awesome, and the whole thing looks gloriously silly, even though I’m the most confused about how the genres overlap.

Developer: Hungry Owl Game

release: January 11, 2023

Click here for demo and wishlist

Chicken Journey – Trailer

chicken journey

I randomly picked this game because chicken journey, and most other days you will be right.But after watching the footage, I discovered a pixel-platformer that reminded me of my childhood, sprites stuck to the vine properlyWith lots of puzzles to solve and friendly chats, the whole thing looks adorable and really looks like something you’d want to play right now.

Developer: looney wear

release: March 2023

Click here for demo and wishlist

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