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A Final Candle Lit for the SnyderVerse Prior to James Gunn’s DCU Reveal

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Via Warner Bros.

The impending announcement of the first wave of DCU projects to emerge from the days of James Gunn and Peter Safran will explode like nuclear weapons on the internet, but no one will be hit harder than its supporters. right. snyder bath.

For years, fans of Zack Snyder’s films have clung to the eroded vestiges of the original mythology. They decided to focus their energies on Netflix, which may step in to secure the rights. to a pair of Justice League Sequel, Ben Affleck Batmanand much more – as ridiculous as it sounds.

Sadly, the ashes of the SnyderVerse are about to be scattered, so it’s time to light the last candle and perform the final vigil. Strangely enough, the influx of emotion has led to a wildly polarized response on social media. prove that no matter how much it changes.

Given that, Snyder seems pretty happy with his lot on Netflix he has a two-part sci-fi epic month of rebellion in the middlewith ongoing plans to expand, Army of the Dead Space, and he never exactly came out, stating his desire to travel across town and back to DC to finish what he started.

Sometimes you have to let things go. That time is now even for SnyderVerse supporter stubbornness. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t give up, but ultimately everyone has to face reality.

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