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An interview with Infinity Pool star Mia Goth

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From left: Mia Goth, Brandon Cronenberg
photograph: Fraser Harrison (Getty Images), Corey Nichols (Getty Images)

It’s the collaboration the horror fiends have been craving. infinity pool Queen of Screams, Mia Goth gathers (Suspiria, XWhen pearl) writer-director Brandon Cronenberg, who wowed audiences with his acting chops, a current Oscar nominee antiviral drug When owner. Just to be sure, infinity pool— the result of the first teaming up with British actress and legendary director’s son David Cronenberg — offers surprising, writhing, eye-covering merchandise, and a few.

At the theater now infinity pool James (Alexander Skarsgard) and Em Foster (Cleopatra Coleman) are a wealthy, struggling couple who travel to a luxurious foreign resort for a long-awaited vacation. He wrote a badly reviewed book but failed to muster sophomore effort, which has dragged on the couple’s marriage. It all starts when you meet and take a taboo trip from a heavily guarded premises. As a result, James hits a man with the group’s car, which in this country means the death penalty, with the victim’s son serving the punishment. Only in this poor place can the rich get out of trouble by paying to clone and die for them. you have to see question? Is it a clone or a real person who actually dies?

Infinity Pool Trailer #1 (2023)

The now almost invincible James has fallen prey to his worst instincts and self-doubt, and he’s not the only one in the same position at the resort. Nasty resurrections, freakish orgies, severed body parts, dripping bodily fluids, adult breastfeeding and much more are captured in unflinching close-ups and driven home with a score driving loud. infinity pool It earned an NC-17 rating and could be inducted into the Body Horror Film Hall of Fame. porn club We caught up with Goth (energetic and detailed) and Cronenberg (calm and detailed) for a conversation about the film. Here’s what they had to say.

The AV Club: What do you think about why moviegoers love horror?

Mia Goth: People are desperate to feel something. He’s one of the many reasons the horror genre is so popular because it’s an almost guaranteed way to spark something within yourself. For example, the modern version of going to a gladiator match. It’s an experience. It’s something people can enjoy together as a community and share their experiences with each other. In fact, it’s becoming more and more rare in our daily lives. That’s one reason.

Brandon Cronenberg: There’s a catharsis to it. I’m sure adrenaline plays a certain part in it, but to go through this process of fear and then release is cleansing for people. With horror, they can operate it as a laboratory to explore certain difficult emotions in a safe environment. You can go to dark places and connect with aspects of the human psyche, as well as the emotional spectrum, that you might want to avoid in real life. In that context, art becomes very enriching. We’re richer people if we explore all aspects of the human experience.

AVC: Mia, back to you on that. From the actor side of that equation, you’ve come back to horror multiple times in your young career. Do you like to scare people? Do you like to go to dark places as a performer? Is it a bit of both, and maybe even more?

MG: I don’t necessarily like to scare people. To be honest, I’m never thinking about an audience when I’m doing my work. I try to stay out of the result entirely, of what the film may be. If you start doing that, with your work and what you’re trying to achieve, you’re being motivated by the wrong reasons. A lot of the films that I do—even this, for example—I don’t necessarily consider them to be horror movies. The genre is ever-expanding, and it’s starting to include various films. It’s where I’ve been able to find the best roles, with a lot of opportunities for me as a performer and an actor, to explore various facets of myself. I like challenging material. I enjoy characters and directors that push me. It’s also an incredibly thrilling and freeing experience being able to exercise these facets of myself in a safe space.

Left to Right: Mia Goth, Alexander Skarsgård in Infinity Pool

Left to Right: Mia Goth, Alexander Skarsgård in Infinity Pool
Photo: Neon

AVC: The arguably way-too-easy description of this movie is “White Lotus Goes to Hell.” Brandon, how would you describe it, if you’re going to try to explain this movie to somebody in a nutshell?

BC: That “way-too-easy” one was me.

AVC: I know!

BC: white lotus Interesting comparison. Now there is this wave of movies that are somehow related by theme and setting. It was completely unintentional on my part as we start making the movie years before we actually shoot it. It’s just a coincidence that we’re getting two Asteroids movies and so on. nobody planned it. That’s how things work out. Just as I am starting to publish my films, I am wary of forcing audiences to interpret my films in a certain way. For me, the final act of creation in art is done by the spectator. It is the process of injecting one’s interpretation and oneself into something. An artist’s experience is highly subjective and is enriched when you have the opportunity to explore it yourself. I like the idea that someone might come up with a better interpretation of the film than I do.

AVC: Mia, you said you appreciate the director who can push you a little bit. How did Brandon push you? And what did Brandon bring to the table for you?

MG: Brandon is a great director, and we knew that right away. Brandon gave me a lot of freedom when he was on set. That’s how he was able to let me explore this character and find out who she was and her place in this world. I felt safe and vulnerable enough with him to make it louder at times so I could make a fool of myself for making a bad take. He provided the parameter as well, but he gave me enough space to find it.

B.C: I was going to say I didn’t push Mia at all. There are actors who are immediately attractive and attractive. I have wanted to work with Mia for years. For me, she is one of those performers who never makes boring choices on screen and always comes with a certain energy. You cast someone like that and plug it into your character. Because it took too long to develop and fell asleep for me. I want someone to wake me up, give me energy, surprise me. I think a lot of my job is to guide the scene to some extent. I always edit in my head while shooting so that I can capture the scene exactly as I want. You need to use the right actors to give them space to explore and avoid heavy handing. People say, ‘How did you get this performance out of your actors? i don’t work like that. It’s much more collaborative and gives you more room to run.

AVC: Brandon, what’s next for you? And Mia, I feel like you’re heading to the director’s chair. Am I right? did you write the movie? Is the next step a director?

MG: No, I love being an actor.

BC (looks shocked by Goth’s reply): It’s okay if you don’t say that.

MG: No, it’s true. I have no ambition to direct. I love directors and I am very director-driven when it comes to choosing projects. For now, I want to continue to be an actor, develop my skills, and work on what I find exciting.

B.C: But you are involved in some interesting writing.

MG: I enjoy writing (Goth co-wrote pearl with Ti West). It’s something I want to continue doing, and it’s definitely part of my project.

Brandon, you are releasing this baby into the world. Is your next baby yet?

B.C: Nothing is certain. We are developing this series based on. super cannes, this JG Ballard book. I hope it works.There is a space movie called dragonMaybe it goes? i don’t know yet.

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