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Aries Horoscope for February 2023

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February horoscope for Aries

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February may be a short month (28 days), but it’s a fun month. Mercury and Mars spent a long time retrograde, with Mars after October 30th and Mercury retrograde after December 29th, going direct on January 12th and January 18th respectively. This month turns out to be a much better month than I have been working with in recent memory. No more feeling like you’re stuck in a weird loop of nowhere and no progress. All planets take time to build up energy, so no planet jumps straight to life the moment it goes direct. Both planets are now strong and vibrant. That’s just one of several reasons why February is such a great change from previous months. The first half of February has a festive mood, so let’s start with that.

The Full Moon on February 5th fills your fifth house of love with beauty as romance unfolds in the luxury-loving 17 degrees Leo. Leo is a fire sign like you, so you’re compatible between the full moon and certain planets.If you’re single and want to “flare yourself up,” ask a friend for his Saturday, February 4th or February 5th. Ask them to set a date for Sunday. gradually fade away. That is, you can also use February 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th. All of these dates cover the full moon and bring messages on any of these dates. If romance doesn’t work as a way for this Full Moon to bring events and emotions to a climax, creative projects may come to an end and be well-received, or special emphasis may be placed on children and pregnancies.

Uranus is in difficult aspect to your Sun during the Full Moon on February 5, so you might end up spending more money than planned or unexpected expenses in a completely different part of your life. With the Full Moon in Leo and the Sun ruling Leo, you should pay attention to this aspect. Be careful with your expenses as we enter February. If you make a trade, purchase, or activity, make sure there are no hidden costs that need to be covered later.

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