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DC reveals Batman Part 2 release and more Batman movies in Phase 1

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Warner Bros. ‘ new slate of movies and tv base DC Comics is vast, from Deep Space Adventure with Supergirl Get into deep swamp horror with the Swamp Thing.There’s also a new Batman movie starring a new Batman When Robin!

But it might leave fans of the 2022 blockbuster Batman wonder where it stays movie sequel and previously announced spin-off showand fans of joker wonder its sequelThe answer is they are still there – just other placeOr, to be specific, Elseworld.

What is WB’s new Batman movie, Brave and the Bold?

Image: Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert/DC Comics

According to Warner Bros. Announcement — DC Films Director and Co-Chairman James Gunn teases — brave and brave It will be the first official DCU Batman movie in the studio’s new direction for a DC Comics adaptation.

This flick will be a “rare father-son story” based on Grant Morrison’s comic run Batman When Batman & Robin With Frank Quiteley and other artists. Their time in the Batman books was marked by wild new supervillains like the cannibalistic Flamingo and the plastic surgery-obsessed Professor Pyg… from him.

In the comics, Talia raised Damian as a spoiled assassin, only abandoning him in Batman’s lap on his eleventh birthday, only to end the conflict because Damian agreed to his father’s “no killing” rule. There was no end to it. Not to mention the possibility of actions taken.

for now, brave and brave No release date or creative attached, but Gunn’s Superman: Legacy Launching a new DC Films interconnected universe direction.

Is Batman 2 still on the way? Joker 2?

A man in black armor (Robert Pattinson) wearing a bat-like horned mask in front of a wall covered in newspaper clippings and graffiti.

Photo: Jonathan Ory/Warner Bros.

Joker: Forri-a-Doreportedly a musical sequel in 2019 jokerstarring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, is set to begin production in 2022 and premiere on October 4, 2024.

Matt Reeves’ Batman movie franchise is still moving forward, too. Unless you’ve heard otherwise, that spin-off TV series penguin, As with the untitled two, Batman TV spin-off in development. About Arkham Asylum and the Gotham City Police Department. All three shows were reportedly still in development in late October 2022, shortly after Warner Bros. announced James Gunn’s involvement in restructuring his DC film division.

Robert Pattinson’s return confirmed Batman – Part II, with Matt Reeves sitting in the director’s chair again. There’s no firm information about who else in the cast will be returning (although major character actors like Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Serkis are almost certainly signed for sequels). . Pattinson and Reeves are more than happy to chat with reporters about their favorite Batman villains.

So will there be two Batman franchises??

Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Batman (Dick Grayson) soar on the cover of Batman & Comics. Robin #16 (2011).

Image: Frank Quitely, Alex Sinclair/DC Comics

It’s… yeah. brave and brave It represents the central direction of Batman in the movie DC Universe. Batman Its sequels and spin-offs are classified as “DC Elseworlds” stories. From the pages of DC Comics itself.

In the late 1980s, DC Comics created its own Entire franchise reboot A story that flattened all of the DCU’s parallel settings into a single setting, and which featured characters from DC Comics but was impossible to match with its timeline, was labeled an “Elseworlds” story. it was done. For example, in the first story of Elseworlds, Gotham by Gaslight, It was a reimagining of Batman as the Victorian-era hero chasing Jack the Ripper.

The new DC Films slate owes Elseworlds in much the same situation.The revival of priorities still has space to imagine the different ways superhero stories are told.The “DC Elseworlds” slate includes: batman part ii, Joker: Forri-a-Dothe current anime series Teen Titans Go!When The long-awaited Superman movie directed by Tanahishi CoatesAnd it’s a healthy swath of alternative space drama for fans of all kinds.

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