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Drew Barrymore talks about getting sober again

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Drew Barrymore says quitting alcohol in 2019 freed her from “the guilt and dysfunctional throes.” (Photo: Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

Drew Barrymore Quitting drinking has freed her from “the guilt and the torment of dysfunction,” she says.

The actress and talk show host got candid about her drinking in her magazine’s winter issue DrewShe said she was “liberated” by eliminating alcohol from her life.

In her “Take Care of Yourself” essay, entertainment tonight47 years old, People who quit drinking in 2019writes about putting self-care and health first.

“One of the bravest things you can do is slay those dragons and finally change the deadly dead cycle.” ET extraterrestrial life form star wrote. “For me, it was sobriety.”

She called saying goodbye to booze “one of the most liberating journeys of my life”. Told.

Barrymore first revealed it in December 2021. she had been sober for two and a half yearsAfter her divorce from Will Kopelman, she has daughters Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8. she said: CBS Morning That alcohol “was something I realized didn’t serve me and my life.” made it clear. About how to pull yourself out of her hole. “

Also around that time, she quietly stopped making Barrymore wines.

Barrymore’s somber journey has unfolded over decades, from famous child stars to today. In her childhood, when Gertie went out to a party with her mother, Jade Barrymore, she was the girl the world fell in love with. 1989, 14-year-old Barrymore detailed To people According to the magazine, she first started drinking at age 9, started smoking marijuana at age 10, and using cocaine at age 12.she detailed her strugglein her book, including the recurrence Little Girl Lost, that came out the following year.

Actress Drew Barrymore and singer Billy Idol at nightclub Limelight, New York City, USA, 1986.

Drew Barrymore and singer Billy Idol at New York nightclub Limelight in 1986. she was 11 years old. (Photo: Vinnie Zuffante/Micheal Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Since then, we’ve seen her Forced into a psychiatric facility Sobered up by her mother for 18 months. When she came out, she was released and worked to rebuild her career, after finding a foothold in making movies again. started drinking socially “To get out of my head,” she said in 2018, adding that she never went back to using the drug as cocaine, “literally like my worst nightmare.”

Before Barrymore went sober in 2019, there was a tabloid article that her friend had gone sober. I’m worried about her drinkingThe year before last, she drunk See what’s happening live with Andy Cohen.

Barrymore has recently become the queen of all media. In addition to her TV shows and magazines, she has a podcast. drew news, She works on various topics.saw the latest girlfriend talk about her sex life As a single woman after a divorce. She was a “dirty bird” in her youth, she said, explaining, “Listen, I’ve tried everything… so it’s very boring now.”

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