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Easy Rider reboot in the works, sounds like a terrible idea

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easy rider bike

easy rider bike
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Dennis Hopper’s brilliant 1969 film easy rider While it’s a celebration of the counterculture of the era, it also spends a good chunk of its run time just watching the hippie types goof off and talk about all things American peace and love that young people are huge fans of. It was also a harsh rebuke of how the rest of the .twisty hippie stuff Before you remind everyone that there are still people out there who want to kill you rather than allow you to be different Anyways. It was such a timeless story, and so much of its time, that apparently Hollywood somehow just… thinks it makes sense to do the same thing again in modern times!

it comes from varietysays ‘consortium of stakeholders and producers’ (the exact kind of people you want to be in charge of when you’re talking) easy rider!) now owns the film rights to Hopper, and they hope to find a “bold writer and/or director” who can update the story “for the modern age,” but “in the same fringe spirit.” ”. The comparison the producers are making is clearly Creedwhich is a new kind of Rocky We are talking about a new generation, but the difference here is the modern Rocky a movie that considers Rocky Legacy of both space and real life It stands to reasonIt seems like a good idea for a movie!do the same for easy rider is a big part of the , so it doesn’t make sense. easy rider Is it the world of easy rider It no longer exists and may not have existed in the first place.

What will a movie about a biker get rich from a drug deal and travel across the country learning about ‘freedom’ look like in 2022? How do you make a film that doesn’t turn into an anti-vaccine Trumper who plagues people for choosing to ) what to do with the money, but probably will something elseMaybe make a different movie?

Or, if you really need a return on investment, easy rider Right, Convince A Streaming Service To Pay For A Remake Of A Prestige Miniseries Still Set In The ’60s more time Billy and Wyatt are having sex with a hippie. It sounds miserable to see them take a sad hour-long LSD trip in New Orleans, but it doesn’t seem more straight through a minefield than this modern reboot.

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