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Eva Green ‘Humiliated’ After WhatsApp Messages ‘Exposed’ in Court

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Eva Green It was “humiliating” to have her private WhatsApp messages read out in court.

The actor, best known for her roles in the Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’ and the drama series ‘Penny Dreadful’, was released in London’s High Court on Tuesday as part of a lawsuit against the White Lantern (Britannica) Ltd. She was on the witness stand. She filed a lawsuit against the company over a movie called “Patriot,” in which she was supposed to star as a soldier, before the project collapsed in 2019 after failing to secure production funding. increase.

Green claims she still owes the $1 million fee under her “pay or play” contract. White Lantern, working with financial firm Sherborne Media Finance, has defended the allegations and is countersuing the actor for “conspiracy, deception, and unlawful interference.” They allege that she refused her contract in order to buy out her script and make the film herself, undermining her work and causing it to collapse.

As part of the discovery process, numerous interactions between Greene and other individuals (including her agent, Charles Collier of Tavistock Wood, and the film’s writer and director Dan Pringle) were uncovered, and Greene was admits she was “very direct.” Among them are letters in which Greene calls Sherborne “assholes” and “sad little people”, and Jake Seal, one of the project’s producers, as “evil” and “devil”. She also called the crew at her production facility, Black Hanger Studios, “scrap farmers.” On Monday, the court heard Greene describe the failed project as follows: “fucking movie”.

As part of a lengthy cross-examination, White Lantern attorney Max Mullin KC asked Greene if he was “used to lying in text messages.” I do not expect my WhatsApp messages to be published in court. “

During lengthy cross-examination, Greene repeatedly described the “chaotic” atmosphere when the film began to fall apart, mentioning a shortage of crew, stunt training, and even the Black Hanger where the film was to be shot. “It was like a fictional movie,” she explained.

“I’ve been through this and I’m not sure,” she said. “I’m still confused by this cuckoo situation.”

Marin also suggested that Green made “excessive and onerous demands” during the project. When she asked for an example, he cited her high standards for experienced department heads, which was causing “frustration” with producers. “I didn’t ask for anything,” replied Greene, who was also to executive produce the project. “I was making suggestions, but it was to ensure the quality of the film…they were just suggestions. Of course, the producers were free to say no.”

When questioned about the message that Greene was “withdrawing” from the project and stated that he would not be working with Seal, Seal cut the budget and insisted on shooting in the studio rather than on location, thus reducing the quality of the film. I felt that I was losingShe points to her Bond co-star Daniel Craig, who told the journalist in 2015 that he “I’d rather cut my wrist.” than playing Bond. Despite the bombastic allegations, she explained, he has since returned for the final 007 film. “I know Daniel very well, so I know this story very well.”

The courtroom atmosphere on Tuesday — the fourth day of the trial and Greene’s second consecutive day on the witness stand — was particularly slammed, with lawyers from both sides frequently criticizing each other. At one point, as Green’s attorney was whispering to her legal team, Marin turned and sharply said,

Green also referenced the atmosphere at one point, saying it was “very tense”. After repeatedly asking her to please, Greene became visibly frustrated and responded, “Words, words, words.”

After she was finally released from the witness box in the afternoon, Green looked relieved and quickly ran over to Pringle and the film’s former producer, Adam Merrifield, and hugged them.

The case continues.

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