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Every Addams Family Easter Egg & Reference In Wednesday

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From cartoons to TV shows, movies, stage performances, and animated movies, the adams family From its original conception as a cartoon strip to Netflix’s newly released TV series, it’s come a long way in many ways Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, is full of Easter eggs referencing its many incarnations. It is named after cartoonist Charles Adams, who first published his comics. New Yorker, the Adams family is the inverse of the All-American WASP, a middle-class suburban family. Instead of a white picket her fence, a blonde bored housewife, a husband who resents working all day, a wife who stays up all night, and children who have high expectations but little emotional support, Adams has both. are polar opposites in appearance. and family dynamics.

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Despite their fascination with death, suffering, and all sorts of morbidity, the adams family They love each other, support each other, and are not bound by expectations of social subtleties or appropriate appearances.Produced by Tim Burton Wednesdaybut deviates slightly from the theme of the original Addams Family canon, perhaps to update the context of teenage angst for modern audiences. and changes Wednesday’s relationship with her parents, giving her a character arc that asserts her autonomy. Despite the discrepancies between the series and the original film, Wednesday still pepper callback the adams family Canon throughout the show.

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Origin of the name Wednesday

originally, All Addams Family characters I didn’t have a name.the title of Wednesday Episode 1, which Morticia explains in the episode, was an Easter egg where creator Charles Adams first found inspiration for Wednesday’s name, and his unnamed cartoon character was slated to be adapted for television. . Fittingly for her spooky personality, Wednesday’s name comes from the nursery rhyme “Wednesday’s child is full of misery.” First printed in 1838, the full poem by an anonymous author is:

Monday’s child is fair-skinned

the child of tuesday is full of grace

Wednesday’s child is full of sorrow

Thursday’s child still has a long way to go

Friday’s child is affectionate and giving

Saturday’s child works hard for a living

And a child born on the Sabbath

Cheerful and good-natured, good-natured and cheerful.

Christina Ricci is back on Netflix Wednesday

wednesday season 1 laurel gates miss marilyn thornhill christina rich twist

Before Ortega took on the role of Wednesday Addams on the Netflix show, 9 actresses playing wednesday Before her, on screen or voiced animated characters. Christina Ricci in particular established the most iconic on-screen image of the Gothic girl. First starring as Wednesday in the 1991 original the adams family The film and its 1993 sequel Addams family values Christina Ricci returns to Netflix Wednesday Nineteen years later, she rejoins the Addams Family universe in her latest incarnation. Wednesday Series, Orphelia Hall’s “dormitory mother”, commonly known as Wednesday’s dormitory supervisor, botanical teacher. Marilyn, the first and only “normie” teacher ever to join the staff of her academy in the entire history of the school, Marilyn Thornhill, is friendly, shy, and mostly talkative to herself, but she has her own. It hides a sinister secret about its background. The town knows

scooby doo crossover episode

sheriff galpin wednesday adams

of Wednesday season 1 Episode 4, Jericho Town Sheriff Creates Scooby-Doo References, new scooby doo movie Featuring the Addams Family in the 1972 crossover episode.Listen, Velma.“Sheriff Donovan Galpin said Wednesday.”Why don’t you and the Scooby gang stick to your homework and leave the investigation to the experts?In the 1972 series’ original crossover episode, “Wednesday is Missing,” Gomez and Morticia go on their second honeymoon and leave the puzzle-solving group at the Addams’ house, only to find Wednesday goes missing. , the gang was forced to settle. her case before Gomez and Morticia return.

wednesday pet spider homer

adams homer spider wednesday

Wednesday Episode 6 of Season 1 has flashbacks to past Wednesday birthday parties, including a scene where Wednesday breaks a piñata full of spiders. The spider scares the other children at the party, but she crawls around quiet and calm Wednesday.in the 1964 TV series the adams family, Wednesday actually had a pet spider named Homer in the box. Homer does not appear WednesdayIn a rare bonding moment between Wednesday and her roommate Enid, Wednesday said she was 6 when she was 6 years old. had a pet scorpion, Nero, but was tragically killed by two cruel boys who bullied her.

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cousin Ignatius It

cousin Ignatius It

another easter egg Wednesday A portrait of his cousin Ignatius Itt in the basement of Nightshade’s Secret Society, and behind it is a vault holding important documents that lead to Wednesday’s case. Gomez’s younger brother Uncle Fester Introduced Wednesday, they are part of the original line-up of the Addams Family members’ first television productions. the adams familyCousin Itt, although biologically closely related to the Addams family, does not look human, consisting only of blond hair that reaches down from his head to the ground. He wears round sunglasses and speaks incomprehensible gibberish.

Wednesday’s dormitory is named after her aunt.

Jenna Ortega at Ophelia Hall on Wednesday

Several supporting characters from the expanded Addams family will make official and unofficial appearances on the show, like Cousin Itt. For example, Uncle Fester and Grandma Adams are brought up several times, usually by Wednesday, by threatening small anecdotes as scare tactics. Uncle Fester, who looks like Wednesday’s favorite family member, makes a brief appearance in Episode 7, while Grandma Adams does not. Wednesday season 1 Jeez. Ophelia Framp, sister of Morticia Adams, aunt of Wednesday and Pugsley. the adams family 1964 television series. Wednesday By name, but the writers named Nevermore Academy’s Wednesday dormitory after Ophelia as another hidden Easter egg for audiences in the know.

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