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Ezra Miller’s fate as the Scarlet Speedster revealed by James Gunn and Peter Safran

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DC bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran comment on the fate of Ezra Miller’s DCU as it continues its uphill battle for redemption.

After clarifying The first chapter of the DC Universe On Tuesday, DC bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran said about the fate of Ezra Miller: flash For the future of the franchise. Despite the bizarre story that continues, suspected crime Miller seems to be on good terms with DC Studios.Miller’s place DCUs Gunn and Saffron remain optimistic about the actor’s future as Scarlett Speedster.

Regarding Miller’s upcoming DCU participation, Saffron said: “Ezra is fully committed to their recovery. We fully support them in their ongoing journey.”

“When the time is right and they feel ready to discuss, we will all figure out how best to move forward.” Saffron elaborated, “But now they are fully focused on recovery.”

“And in my conversations with them over the last few months, it felt like they were making great strides.”

News that the mirror remains Part of DC’s future is sure to ruffle feathers, but fantastic beast Actors aren’t the only players having problems joining the DCU.

When asked if DC’s new Supergirl, Sasha Kull, will continue to be the Woman of Tomorrow, Gunn said her fate is still under consideration.

“We have it all figured out” Gunn replied. Calle still has a chance to keep the cloak, but she may end the franchise as part of DC’s ‘God and Monsters’ storyline works well.

Meanwhile, Gunn and Saffron’s first chapter plans present some bold projects involving characters new to the silver screen. The DC duo could have rebooted DC’s holy trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman). However, introducing The Authority, Booster Gold and getting another crack at Swamp Thing is an interesting approach to rebooting the comics brand.

What are your thoughts on Ezra Miller playing The Flash in the DCU? Does DC’s wait-and-see approach to actors and characters move you in the wrong direction? What did you do? I need a Swamp Thing movie in my life and Damian is playing Robin brave and brave It’s something I’ve wanted for years. let’s go!

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