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Favourite lyrics reveal your attachment style – psychologists would have a field day with mine | Pop and rock

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W.When I discover or remember a song that I particularly like, I’m one of those people who listens to it over and over again. The song turns on when I’m stuffing things into my online shopping basket to recreate the rush to buy . .

One such recent choice is the baby by pulpIt’s a track with a chorus hook of “I want to take you home / I want to give you children”, but its narrator at one point hid in a cupboard to find a man whose girlfriend’s sister was called David. watching you have sex with local garage. Recently, I’ve been playing to death, so a researcher from the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto seems to be having a sports day with me.

of study 570 people were asked about their favorite songs and the lyrics were analyzed by a psychologist.Participants were then asked a series of questions about their relationship history. analysis Among more than 7,000 songs, it was found that people tended to prefer lyrics related to attachment styles in intimate relationships.

Feeling pretty safe? You might hear All of Me by John Legend.

Attachment style stems from a psychological theory put forward by John BowlbyAs is well known in many parenting manuals, attachments formed in childhood affect other relationships in our lives, and as a result people are more predictable when managing intimacy and relationships. This suggests that it has a similar pattern.

For example, people with a “secure” attachment style are comfortable being intimate with others and are not prone to questioning things outside the normal range, whereas those who fall on the “worrisome” end of the spectrum tends to be of the more uncertain type. Doing all the texting by WhatsApp groups and laughing a little out loud, calling myself ‘Such a Carrie’. There is also an “avoidant” style that suggests interpersonal tension.

Avoiders obviously opt for songs like TLC’s No Scrubs.

A University of Toronto study found that those who exhibited a secure attachment style (no need to brag) preferred tracks like All of Me that depicted secure attachment in their lyrics. John Legend (“All I Love All of You”), Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” (“And Darling, I’ll Love You Till I’m 70”). always chosen as the dance of It is preceded by a line that burns as a result of the freebar.

In contrast, subjects’ “anxiety” chose songs like Adele’s “Someone Like You,” while “avoiders” chose TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” To these contributors and others like them, the study’s lead author, Dr. Ravin Alaei, warns: Said“Music can exacerbate it very powerfully.” Tell the glutton for punishment.

“Recently played Pulp’s Babies to death.”

Of course, we all tend to listen to, or most resonate with, music that we relate to (e.g. another of my overrated favorites is Every Bottle by Irish musician CMAT). Is My Boyfriend).No comment). Salt is probably needed: Someone who feels himself partly for Rihanna’s unfaithful part (“I know he knows I’m unfaithful, and it puts him in his heart kill”), realistically, not raging crooks, they just like emotional bangers. You can air grab to Where are babies and I related? Again, no comment.

Either way, the upcoming Hinge match, for example, will actually see the Human League’s Don’t You Want Me? I look forward to seeing you on our second date.

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