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Gillian Anderson asks women to send her their sexual fantasies for new book

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written by Leanne Colin, CNN

Gillian Anderson asked women around the world to contact her anonymously about themselves. sexual Fantasy.
Anderson, who plays outspoken sex therapist Jean Milburn on Netflix’s hit series Sex Education, has posted a video. Instagram She explained that she was “launching a large-scale study of women and sex.”

Sitting in a Burgundy armchair, the 54-year-old actress is relaxed when she asks a woman to send her her “most personal desire” for a book she said she’s “curating.” It looked like

The Golden Globe winner said, “As women, we know that sex is more than just sex, but not many of us talk about it.

“Our deepest, most intimate fears and fantasies remain trapped within us. Until someone brings us the keys.

“Here’s your key. I’m curating a book of your anonymous letters. A book that explores how women think about sex. Hate, joy, and pain.”

Viewers were asked if they had any secret fantasies to share only with those they “most trusted”.

The British-American actress continues: desire.

“Let’s open this conversation together and create something revelatory.”

Gillian Anderson plays a sex therapist on the hit Netflix show. credit: netflix

Attendees were told they could write letters to “Dear Gillian” and send them via an encrypted portal shared on their Instagram profile.

Anderson, who rose to fame in the 1990s playing agent Dana Scully on The X-Files, said this week: Guardian A newspaper that explains the motivation behind her unusual request.

In it, she cited Nancy Friday’s book My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies, which she said was “revolutionary, even provocative,” and called it “a must-read for all, It has become a worldwide bestseller with millions of copies sold, and has become a classic.

Although it was published in 1973, Anderson said he only read the book in 2018 in preparation for taking on the role of Milburn.

“I was shaken by the unfiltered, painful honesty,” Anderson said.

Since “Sex Education” first aired, Anderson has often been asked about whether women would confide in her about their sexual secrets and problems, she wrote.

“Well, no,” she said. “Ultimately, this is what gave me the idea for the book: ‘My Secret Garden’ for the 21st century, so to speak, and it is revelatory, profound, and all-encompassing.” ”

Alexis Kirschbaum, head of Bloomsbury Trade, said in a press release sent to CNN on Thursday: for inclusion in her collection. ”

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