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Gilroy Talks “Andor” Impact, S2 Themes

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Disney’s “Andor” wrapped up its first season and began filming its second season this week.

The show is such a huge blow to the Disney+ service that some even say it “redeemed Star Wars” in their eyes following a rough few years last year.

Show creator, showrunner, executive producer and writer Tony Gilroy said of the success: Rogue Ones One of the hosts said the show’s serious tone, mature storytelling, overt politics, and deep-dive approach to on-site realism made it difficult to return to the franchise’s surreal, colorful high-fantasy “default setting.” A podcast that says you’ll do it.

Gilroy hopes that “Andor” has proven that “Star Wars” can work outside of the somewhat rigid format it has been operating in all along, and that the show will inspire all sorts of new takes. said he wants to

“Come to think of it, the other day we were talking about opening all lanes. [by ‘Andor’]I hope you’re paving the way for a 3-camera “Star Wars” sitcom.

I hope people are imaginative enough to take great lessons from it. The big lesson is don’t repeat yourself. that’s all. “

Gilroy spent almost a year working on ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and probably a few years on ‘Andor’. The in-demand writer/director would probably want to move on to other things, but was asked if he would at least stick around to consider consulting on the franchise.

“What do they say in prison? What did they chant on the way out? My marker will be late February or March. Finally finish all rewrites of all scripts. Everything comes to a dead end. I’ll be writing every day until March, tightening up and doing all the things we do.

No need to come up with another season. It’s never been finished because it’s been so much pressure so far. My fantasy is that in March I will at least be able to take a step back and live a more normal life. Next year of posting and all the rest. And after that I couldn’t tell you what I would do.

But before he leaves, he’s getting its second season in a four-year-long event that showcases how different factions come together to form an organized rebellion. deadline That time is used to explore different things:

“[We’ll] Find out how hard it is to start a revolution, how hard it is to be a leader, how hard it is to be a victim.

What happens to the original Gangster? What happens to outliers? What happens to those who were… All revolutions consume people and glorify people, but not always those who have done important things.

How do you scale up something that doesn’t inherently grow in the sun? How do you do it? And these issues and all that confusion are going to be very interesting for us going forward. ”

The first season of “Andor” is now streaming in full on Disney+.

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