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of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is set to hit Disney+ this Friday, and fans of the intergalactic A-Hole team are sure to be delighted with their revelry.

Mild spoiler follow.

As you can imagine, Marvel Studios’ latest special presentation is a pretty lighthearted affair and not a real enemy to speak of (though a startled Kevin Bacon might feel differently after being cornered by Drax and Mantis). may not). However, the 45-minute episode seems to have played out a little differently.

while talking to varietywriter/director James Gunn revealed that the special was originally going to include a climactic action sequence featuring Bacon facing off against a mysterious “threat.”

“I wrote The Cure before writing the script, but the Cure had another threat. I realized I wasn’t interested in anything else. An action sequence with Kevin Bacon jumping at the end.” It was doing action stunts that were pretty cool, but I wasn’t really interested in threats, what I was interested in was the interactions between the characters, so I cut that out So I made it a story about people.”

Gunn didn’t name this villain/villain, so I’m not sure if it’s someone we’ve already met or a debut character, but given the small number of filmmakers, we Doesn’t seem like you really missed much. Enthusiastic comment!

As you may have heard already, Mantis was given a lot in the special, and Gunn also talked about giving the character time to shine.

“I think Drax and Mantis are Costello and Costello’s group. Also, Mantis was a beaten character who was enslaved by this Celestial in “Vol. She was meek, but now that she’s been with these characters for years, her personality is coming out. liked the dynamic of the two.”

please match GOTG Holiday Special this Friday.

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