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Hideaki Anno’s 1983 Ultraman Fan Film Streaming in Japan

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Shin Ultraman that is A dream come true beyond generations Neon Genesis EVANGELIONby Hideaki Anno— working with Shinji Higuchi to put his own spin on the legendary franchise that inspired much of his own work. And now it’s even easier to see just how long Anno has been influenced. Ultraman.

At least in Japan. Amazon Japan Prime Video The service has dropped the HD remaster of Stealth. Daikon Film’s Return of Ultramanis a short film produced by Anno in 1983 for a Japanese science fiction convention based in Osaka. Anno’s directorial debut, this short film stars the up-and-coming director as Ultraman Jack. 70’s classic, Ultraman is back.

“The Return of Ultraman” HD Trailer (Daikon Film/Hideaki Anno/Prime Video) 1983 Fan Film

This short has been available in varying qualities, but its release on Prime Video in Japan was Shin Ultraman The same is true for streaming services. Anno met for the first time his Shin Collaborator Higuchi at a screening in Tokyo Daikon Film’s Return of Ultramanthey begin a relationship that culminates in making shin godzilla When Shin Ultraman together.As Anno sees continue his fandom streak Helm true kamen rider next yearit’s a great way to reflect on where he started.

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