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Hilaria Baldwin felt ‘shamed’ after welcoming daughter through surrogate

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Hilaria Baldwin talks surrogacy in the latest episode of her podcast. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Hilaria Baldwin Open about her pregnancy journey.

On Monday, the 38-year-old took to Instagram to Episode 3 of anonymous witchwhich she co-hosts with Michelle Campbell Mason.

This podcast explores women’s issues and how they interact with each other to evoke emotion, support and inspiration in their communities.

While touching on the third episode maternal and pregnant, Baldwin has defended her decision to welcome daughter Lucia through a surrogate mother.

The yoga instructor, who gave birth to six of her seven children naturally with husband Alec Baldwin, has applauded critics and said her 20-month-old daughter was mad at her for how she was. said that it was “not less” worth to be a child of.

“There’s no difference. People think I’m not my mother and she’s not my daughter. She’s as attached to me as everything else I have,” she said. I got Said“There is no difference between my daughter born through surrogacy and the six other children I have had.”

In 2019, Baldwin endured two miscarriages before using a surrogate. She also explained, “There are many different ways to be a parent.”

She added that she felt “ashamed” of choosing surrogacy and that it made her feel like an “outcast.”

“I think people have the right to talk about it if they can’t or don’t want to breed traditionally,” Baldwin said. Said.

Baldwin, meanwhile, said he talks to his surrogate “every day” and they have a “great” relationship, but she keeps her identity private.

“We are very close and have been through some great changes together,” she said. Added.

Near the end of the episode, Baldwin gets outspoken about the impact the criticism has had on her, questioning her decision to use a surrogate, saying, “She [her daughter] It should exist. “

“I haven’t shared it with people yet, so they don’t know my story. One of the reasons I didn’t share it with people was that they weren’t very positive,” she said. said. Said“It made me so sad, a sense of judgment. And about such innocence.”

The podcast will also feature a special guest appearance by Michelle Stafford, best known for her role as Phyllis Summers on the hit show The Young and the Restless.

Stafford opened up about why she chose surrogacy and shared that, like Baldwin, she too experienced criticism for her decision.

“I ended the relationship. I was 38-39. I needed a surrogate mother at that point.” share“It was disappointing. I felt like the biggest loser on the planet… I felt criticized, I felt people were judging me.”

The actress also opened up about the “lack of control” she felt on her surrogacy journey.

“It was crazy and really hard not being able to control the baby. No one understood and it was hard as a woman. Now there are more people doing more, but in the beginning it was really hard, it was something only you knew,” she said. Said.

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