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Hilaria Baldwin shares photo of daughter’s black eye after fall: ‘She’s OK’

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Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of her daughter’s black eyes. (Photo by Jason Mendes/WireImage)

Hilaria Baldwin We share the not-so-fun side of motherhood.

On Sunday, the 38-year-old wife of “30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin shared an Instagram. Photo 20-month-old daughter Marill’s runny nose and ‘shiner’ sports.

Marill accidentally gets black around her eyes when she falls and hits her face on a metal table.

“We’ll be seeing this shiner for a while (and hopefully less runny noses. Hmmm this time of year),” she captioned Position for her 984,000 followers. “Yesterday while out with my four oldest girlfriends, I got a terrible phone call that made her heart sink, that Marill fell and hit her face on a metal table leg. .”

‘She’s fine, good for you,’ says mom of seven relief her fan. “I was just scared and I get bruises for a while.”

In the comments, fans are grateful that Marill is doing well.

“Oh poor Marill. She’s just the cutest. Glad she’s okay,” one Instagram user wrote. I commented.

another I have written: “Poor baby. I’m glad you’re okay!”

“Poor thing, get well soon.” wrote.

“Oh, thankfully she’s fine. She’ll recover soon. She’s strong like her mother.” Added another.

Baldwin opened up about her last month postpartum experience After welcoming youngest daughter Ilaria in September.The yoga instructor shared two that were ‘nearly the same’ Photo — one showing a baby bump and the other holding a 4-week-old baby.

she share Pregnancy and postpartum can be tough, but she cherishes these milestone moments.

“I cherish these almost identical photos. [Eroula Dimitriou Photography] We shoot when the baby is inside and out,” she said. I have written. “Pregnancy and the newborn period can be tough, but it’s so nice to always be able to remember these things.”

Baldwin also described the physical changes that the body went through with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Even if it’s disgustingly big…” Added, with baby bottle and cow emojis. “It literally started in my neck. After four weeks, they settled in. Oh, naturally it’s your way.”

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