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How King Charles Is Changing Royal Family Christmas Traditions

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In just a few weeks, the royal family will assemble for them Annual Christmas celebration at Sandringham—an annual event where everyone wears fancy hats and takes a very slow walk.

The royal family always spends Christmas at Sandringham (it’s a tradition!), but it looks like this year will be a little different. Not just because it’s Prince Charles’ first time hosting, but because he’s making some big changes.

BBC Royal Correspondent jenny bond To tell all right!magazine (via daily mail) Christmas with Prince Charles will be “less formal” and “less tense” than usual.

Over the past few years, the royal family was expected to follow suit Strict protocol On vacation – including bowing and curtsy. But apparently Charles wants a more laid-back atmosphere in 2022 and has even decided not to let anyone sit watching his speech. , Charles pre-recorded his annual speech to the nation and hopes his family will spend the day remembering the Queen.

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As Bond said, “He will be recording a few days ahead and will have some reflection on their loss.”

While some traditions have apparently changed, the royal family will be taking a traditional walk at their Sandringham mansion before heading home for a Christmas meal. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry It was I was invited to a family gathering, not expected to travel. What some experts think can This is (at least in part) because their Netflix documentary series is expected to release a few weeks before Christmas. Click here for details:

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