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How Marie Kondo Quitting Shows Us It’s OK to Give Up on Things

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Quitting can be a decisive act that requires soul-searching.I tend to reserve this for big changes in life: Departure work, parting with a partner, move to a new cityContrast it with those we simply stop-things fell by the wayside, without our clear decisionYou forgot to keep that meal planning routine. You don’t journal in the morning anymore. why not?

Marie Kondo, who now has three children, recently Said reporter She “just kind of gave up” [tidying] in a good way to me. ‘ I think the big revelation for all of us is that we can ‘give up’ on things. in a good wayYou don’t have to fight until you are defeated. you can surrender tactically, Save your energy for other things.

understand the value of pressure

When we want to maintain a habit we often put pressure on ourselves to do so. , I promise to buy a lot of books and read them all by the end of the year. Stay motivated when you would rather give in. break the streak so training app It is supposed to act as a guardrail on the path to greatness.

But pressure can be oppressive.of Our guide to getting kids out of sports, one of the signs that it’s time to quit is “when tension outweighs pleasure.” Overcoming speed bumps and growing pains is one thing. Exposing yourself to dire circumstances without foreseeable reward is another story.

So ask yourself if the difficulty of your habit is worth it. lift more weight, make your workout harder to gain strength. Or are you under pressure for the sake of pressure, like? For 75 Hard, is it a “challenge” to suffer for purposes other than enduring suffering? If it’s the latter, it’s probably time to give up.

Consider how much work it takes

Everything takes work. But the more excited we are for something, the less work it feels like it is.

If you’ve ever given up on a hobby you were once excited about, you know the difference. The hobby hasn’t changed; you could still pick up your camera and get back into photography. But now the tasks of choosing subjects and setting up lighting and editing the finished photos are just grunt work, not expressions of your enthusiasm.

The same goes for a lot of daily habits. For me, eating enough protein and getting plenty of exercise are fun and easy. But other things like maintaining my yard and keeping on top of my finances (I’m supposed to put retirement money where?) are just plain work. Both physical work, in the sense that I need to get out there and probably Prune the bushes or something; When Mental work in the sense of keeping track of what needs to be done and figuring out when, how and who will do it.

we can’t work all Live with the passion of your pet hobby. If you’re getting entertainment value out of your daily chores, have fun! If not, it’s okay to drop down to the most basic level. Eat vegetables from time to time. Set up automatic bill payments. Mow the lawn as often as your neighbors won’t complain.

Beware of making something your whole identity

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Marie Kondo has given up every moment of her life and being organized. Her personal activism, career, and public identity were all tied to the same thing: being impeccably tidy. It’s pressure, it’s work, but it’s also more than that.

When something is both your job and what you’re doing at home, it’s already a stressful area. . After I write all day at work, I don’t really care about my journaling.

Adding your own identity to that mix makes it even more difficult. Ask anyone who thought of themselves as an athlete but was unable to participate in a sport due to an injury.Depression and Other Mental Health Effects is a common result.

So if you find a hobby or personal practice ruling your life, it’s okay if you’re not being forced to stop doing it.sometimes the answer is addition Hobbies such as painting, knitting, or playing chess so that overwhelm doesn’t take up space in your brain. But remember that whatever you do, it’s okay to give up every once in a while as long as it’s a “good way” for you.

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