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James Gunn criticizes past DC strategy and jerking around Cavill

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Gunn has been outspoken but harshly worded, denouncing the DC movie’s previous start-stops and the way it has operated with committee focus group concerns.

DC Universe plans at Warner Bros. finally announced By James Gunn himself.After spending months frankly abusive language Taking to Twitter to spread rumors, talk directly to fans, and admit that his and Peter Safran’s vision isn’t going to please all fans, he’s jettisoning his previously announced projects to try and fix his slate. according to hollywood reporterGunn felt the former leader of the DC movie company had “Extremely” They strategized and even criticized their hectic treatment of Henry Cavill. “I was kidding.”

“As everyone here probably knows, DC history is pretty messed up. It was messed up. Like, they were handing out IPs.” Gunn said bluntly. “There was the Arrowverse, there was the DCEU, and then it split and became Joss Whedon. Justice League At one point, Snyderverse. In another respect Superman & Lois, there’s Reeves Berth, and there’s all these different things. and even us.we came Suicide Squad and it became peacemaker And suddenly the bats are real.

Warner Bros.’s attempt at a shared universe definitely stumbled out the gate. The studio had originally appointed Zach Snyder as the property’s overseer, but after his own unpopular decisions, his first two outings faced criticism, and the studio decided to appoint Snyder. Scrambled to lighten the tone of Snyder. Justice League, it became a fiasco.And there was also the famous editing situation Suicide Squadchopped up the narrative of the first film, left fans wanting to see the full cut showcasing David Ayer’s full vision.

Gunn faced backlash, mostly centered around being given the shaft after fan-favorite Henry Cavill was excited and ready to return to his star-making role. They have discussed the situation in a civil way, leaving the door open for him to work on projects other than Superspace. Gunn debunked rumors that Cavill had been fired.

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