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James Mangold Wants “Swamp Thing”?

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A big announcement for the DC Studios slate took place yesterday. This is an event that showcases his 10 projects that serve as part of the first chapter of his DCU called ‘Gods and Monsters’.

The majority of the announced projects don’t have filmmakers involved at this time, but there are some early discussions going on, or at least, it’s widely believed there are “feelers” trying to find the right talent. It is assumed.

Given that this universe doesn’t really start until 2025 with the Gunn-penned Superman: Legacy, there’s plenty of time to lock down the director. It looks like you are raising your hand.

“Logan,” “Ford vs. Ferrari,” and “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate,” filmmaker James Mangold, took to Twitter to share a comic panel for “Swamp Thing.” Tackle his new DCU horror movie based on the famous comic book.

Mangold was previously linked to the DCU, which was suggested to be able to helm ‘Superman: Legacy’, but this indicates he has no interest in that particular project. So far, the reaction to the post has been very positive.

The Swamp Thing character has previously appeared in the DC Universe’s short-lived but critically acclaimed television series.

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