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Jane Fonda says her eating disorder took over her life

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Jane Fonda opens up about the seriousness of her struggle with bulimia and anorexia. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jane Fonda She talks about a “gross addiction” that led her to an eating disorder after many years of suffering.

The 85-year-old actress said call her daddy Host Alex Cooper said she was “miserable” as a young actress, especially since she was forced to play the “girl next door” archetype in many roles. Fonda explained.

“I was a bulimic anorexic, so suddenly I was a starlet and there was so much emphasis on what you looked like, and that was the trigger.” I was suffering from severe bulimia, I was living a secret life, I was very, very unhappy, I thought I would not live past 30.”

Fonda explained that her eating disorder felt “innocent at first” when she began bingeing and purging food. “Why am I throwing up when I can’t eat this ice cream and cake?” she remembered thinking. “What you don’t realize is that it becomes a horrible addiction that takes over your life.”

Aside from harming “your looks,” the award-winning actress and activist said the disease “makes it impossible to have genuine relationships” due to its secretive nature. ” also shared.

“Your day is structured around getting food and eating it.” It’s a very lonely thing and you’re addicted. That’s it.”

Fonda points to “deceptions” in her life, relationships and career as one of the causes of her eating disorder, which could start with “being told I’m fat”. pointed out. In public and even in your own home.

“I’ve spent most of my life working to overcome criticism, objectification, and criticalism.” It took me a long time to get over it.”

It also took Fonda decades to understand the impact an eating disorder could actually have on her body and quality of life.

“Your body is so young that when you’re young you can think that you can get over it. The older you get, the worse the toll it takes on you. It takes a few days and at least a week.” It takes.To get through one binge.And it’s not just fatigue.I get angry and hostile.All the problems I’ve had were because of that anger and hostility. I thought I was going to die,” he recalls. “I had a very full life. I had kids, I had a husband, I had two husbands by then, I was active in politics. I was doing all these things. I ‘s life mattered, and I chilled my turkey because I couldn’t keep it going.”

Fonda was also alone in the recovery process.

“I didn’t know there was a group I could join. I didn’t know anything about it yet. It was really hard,” she said. “But really, the longer the distance to the final binge, the better. It just gets easier.”

Fonda said coping with her anxiety and taking medication also helped stop the cycle of overeating and defecation. said he was “frightened” of young people whose mental health was being affected by the prevalence of social media.

“I think it makes things even worse and it’s really hard,” she said. “I don’t know what treatments are available”

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call us. National Eating Disorders Association Hotline 1-800-931-2237.

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