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Jazz Jennings says it’s been ‘challenging’ to date as a trans woman

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Trans activist and reality star Jazz Jennings shares her insight into the realities of dating as a transgender woman. (Photo: John Lamperski/Getty Images)

Jazz Jennings is letting the world know how difficult it is to date as a transgender woman.

In a recent Instagram post, he’s a TLC activist and star. i am jazz She shared clips from her latest episode, which aired Jan. 31, revealing some of the hurtful messages she received on dating apps.

“I have three new messages,” Jennings, 22, said in the clip, opening her phone while hanging out with two close friends before reading out the message: ‘ Too many people do trial and error. ”

Jennings is later seen being comforted during an emotional breakdown. “It won’t stop,” she said through tears.

“Dating as a trans woman is so hard,” she wrote in a post alongside the clip. You are beautiful, and I can see it in you.” I don’t realize that it’s not me, it’s just a part of me.”

“In future episodes #IAmJazzis beginning to reconsider her dating life after not going on a date for four years.

Jennings’ life has literally been an open book in the years since she became an outspoken trans activist. i am jazzwas listed as one of 100 Most Banned or Controversial Books of the Decadefrom 2010 to 2019, American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom.

when talking to Yahoo Life in 2020Jennings called it “disappointing and honorable” that her book continues to be challenged by school boards across the country.

“In a way, it upsets me to learn that there is still so much prejudice and controversy about the issues prevalent in our society.” There is some pride in knowing that there is a certain amount of pride in knowing that there is another stepping stone to achieving equality and ensuring that all people are respected and treated equally. Even if

In July 2022, Jennings continued to speak out for the cause by posting a heartfelt Instagram video. call on legislators for ban A series of LGBTQ-themed books From schools, including the school of George M. Johnson All Boys Earn Blue When Kyle Lukoff When Aidan became a brother.

“My name is Jazz and I was assigned male when I was born,” she said in the video. At the age of five, I began my social transition, and today, despite living my life as a proud transgender woman, my children’s books i am jazz It’s banned nationwide

She continued: It helps families better support their transgender children and friends better support their transgender friends. ”

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