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‘Jeopardy!’ gives Ontario its own cleverly named category

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Danger! Dedicating an entire category to Ontario, the contestants’ struggles were real.

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“Worst Case Ontario” made its category debut at the game show and stumped the three Americans vying for the championship.

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“If you’re not Ontario, these are fictional situations,” host Ken Jennings told the three contestants.

Vermont delivery man Jake DeArruda started the Ontario category.

“Zombies (and not slow ones) are heading to this city from Detroit across the Ambassador Bridge,” the answer reads.

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Sam Meehan, an attorney in Santa Cruz, California, quickly and accurately gave the correct answer, “What is Windsor?”

The next question put the trio’s knowledge of sports to the test, but Canadian geography can be difficult for Americans.

“In-state rivalries between capital city Ottawa senators and capital NHL players are tinged with hate.”

As you know, “The Flames” was wrong, but Meehan got the topic going with his clearly correct answer.

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Meehan’s streak continued when he was able to pinpoint the CN Tower in Toronto, but again all three were geographically scrambled.

“This western state has seen a series of cattle-flipping raids at night, causing total chaos,” Jennings said.

“What is Saskatchewan?” DeAruda asked.

“What’s Alberta?” Meehan tried.

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The third contestant, Sarah Howard of North Carolina, didn’t even try, so Jennings had to confide in them.

“Let me narrow it down for you. Manitoba.”

The Ontario division’s final answer was another easy one. For the Ontarians, and this time it’s the eventual winner, DeArruda.

“Worst case? Bad-tempered aquatic creatures emerge from this Great Lake, where Thunder Bay is located,” Jennings said.

“It’s the best,” DeArruda replied.

And he won two days in a row, taking his total prize money to $47,994.

Sadly, there was no mention or tribute to Trebek’s birthplace of Sudbury.

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