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Kate Middleton to defeat Meghan Markle’s narrative about royal family in US?

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Prince William and wife Kate Middleton reportedly restore US hearts with Boston tour after Harry and Meghan’s ‘royal annihilation in their heyday’ on Oprah reportedly tarnished the state’s image of the monarchy They are said to be on a mission.

The Princess of Wales was reportedly focused on her mission to convey a positive image of the monarchy when she visited Boston during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s awards ceremony. .

Kate is the epitome of a princess and embodies everything the people of the United States expect from a future queen. , seems to be getting all the attention to gain popularity through upcoming documentaries and memoirs.

Prince William and Kate are due to visit the United States in 10 days, and insiders see the trip as an opportunity to improve the state of the monarchy.

Roya Niker, writing for The Sunday Times, described Oprah’s interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as “90 minutes of primetime royal demise” and “tarnished” the reputation of the monarchy.

She added that in the aftermath of the interview, a royal courtier said the company “has a problem in the United States right now.”

As a result, 40-year-old Kate and William’s trip is seen as of great importance in the Royal Circle “Across the Pond”, “Elevating the Monarchy More Than Entertainment News”.

The main focus of Kate and William’s visit will be the 2nd Annual Earthshot Awards Ceremony in Boston on Dec. 2, one week before Meghan and Harry’s ceremony.

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