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King Charles Sincerely Regrets This Decision Involving His Two Sons, According to Royal Biographer

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One of the hardest parts of being a parent is i know i make mistakesThe same is true if you are a member of royal familyIn his new biography, King: The Life of Charles IIIauthor Christopher Andersen, writes about a moment in which he believes Charles III wishes to return and change.

every week In an exclusive interview with the royal biographer, Andersen said he believed the monarch deeply regretted disposing of his two sons, Princes William and Harry, behind Princess Diana’s coffin. during her funeral“I think it bothered him because it bothered them, and they talked about it,” Andersen said.

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“I write that I believe it’s a form of PTSD,” Anderson added.

While doing research on his biography, Anderson discovered that Prince Harry was still flying to London and nervous. It may be the memory of that day.

He said Prince Harry’s presence in London “reminds me of those days when I had to walk behind coffins. They were more or less by the palace, the men in gray who actually run the palace.” Bullied into doing it by the people Diana was complaining about.

Andersen said, “Diana’s brother, [Charles]… Also, he regretted being deceived. He said it was like walking through a tunnel of grief. ”

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Prince William was only 15 and Prince Harry was just 12 when his mother died. The moment was already tragic enough for the two young royals, but they had to endure their grief in public.

“I think both William and Harry thought, ‘Who’s a stranger who hasn’t met her?'” Anderson claimed. “So they were angry about what happened, and I think Charles understands that there was some responsibility for what they suffered. [that]”

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But since this tragic time, the two royals have spent years processing their grief. very candid about their experience.

And last summer the brothers Honoring the memory of Princess Diana When I attended the unveiling of a statue in the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace.and statements from both sides“Today, on our mother’s 60th birthday, we remember her love, strength and character. Every day we wish she was still with us and hope that this statue will forever be seen as a symbol of her life and legacy.

I think Princess Diana would be proud.

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Princess Diana enjoys a mother-son beach day with Princes William and Harry at the 1990 Royal Throwback

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