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Ladysmith’s Pamela Anderson tells her own story in new Netflix doc

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For those who met Ladysmith resident Pamela Anderson at home, there’s the fierce protection of a starlet whose life has been splattered across the tabloid pages for decades. With the documentary and memoir, we are about to reveal even more. Pamela: A love story.

A resident of Ladysmith told CHEK News multiple times on Tuesday that she hopes people will be kind to her.

“We see her as a person. She’s a mother, she’s generous. She’s an animal lover,” said Klair Strom, whose Ladysmith Health Food Store is a regular Anderson’s destination. increase.

“She is a lovely lady and her advocacy for animals and the environment is very well known,” said Ladysmith Mayor Aaron Stone.

In a new documentary, Anderson tells stories about her you didn’t know.

“It’s time to bring back the story,” she says in the documentary’s trailer.

In it, the now 55-year-old shares her time on welfare, witnessing domestic violence as a child, and her own survivor story.

Anderson was sexually abused by a babysitter for years until she was raped by a man when she was 12. It was the beginning of her traumatic life that she said she became a survivor, but she also influenced the future choices of men.

“I don’t care what people think, because that was my only option. If I cared what people thought, I wouldn’t be here,” she says.

Anderson also wrote a book called Love, Pamela that generated a huge waiting list even before it arrived at the Vancouver Island Regional Library.

“It’s not on the branch yet, but it will be here soon. We have 10 copies in stock and 84 already on hold,” said Nariel Davis, librarian for VIRL’s Ladysmith chapter. increase.

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The international spotlight has once again focused on Ladysmith’s most famous resident, known simply as ‘Pamela’ by many.

“Our kids went to school together. Every time I ran into her, she was so natural and so friendly,” said Ladysmith resident Sherry Anderson. .

“Yeah, she was beautiful, she was kind, she was warm to everyone. She’s such a lovely woman,” said Ladysmith resident Tyler Nelson.

Now is the time for the Ladysmith girl known as global sensation Pamela to show the side of her that her town already knows.

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