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Meghan Markle planned her very own wedding ‘alone’?

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Meghan Markle was reportedly told to plan the entire wedding for herself when she was a teenager.

This admission was revealed by Meghan Markle in the latest episode of Archetype.

She began to admit: [High School]”

“[There was] This assignment in which I had to plan my own wedding is one of the assignments in the two classes of our religion.

Thinking back on that experience, I thought, ‘Can you imagine?

One student interjected in the situation, admitting: There is no doubt that someone said something. “

This was a week ago when Meghan Markle shared invaluable advice from her wedding day.

When she made it clear,[The message was from] A very influential and inspirational woman, but due to her own privacy, I will not share with you who it was.

“She said to me, ‘I know your life is changing, but don’t give up on your activism. Don’t give up because it means so much to women and girls.’ ”

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