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MGK Spike Suit American Music Awards Red Carpet

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However, in typical MGK style, his appearance is a bit unique, When he hit the red carpet in his best Pinhead cosplay.

See the difference? yeah me too

The one and only Dolce & Gabbana suit, covered Wearing spikes made of gunmetal, the singer couldn’t get close to anyone and couldn’t put his arm aside when posing for pictures. I managed to sit for a few seconds and take a picture with Lionel Richie. RIP on his poor ass cheeks.

While accepting the Favorite Rock Artist award, MGK took a moment to articulate just how “pee-proof” the suit is.

The “Bloody Valentine” singer took to Instagram after the awards ceremony to shout out to her inspiration for the look, which turned out to be a sea urchin. ?” he wrote. And honestly, I see the vision and have a lot of respect for it.

Don’t change, MGK, don’t change.

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