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Netflix Removed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Mickey Mouse Scene

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Anasui Narciso and the Weather Report cartoon panel discuss Mickey Mouse.

Good grief.
screenshot: Hirohiko Araki / Viz Media / Kotaku

Netflix messed with that bag Marketing of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Oceanmanaged to avoid a hefty copyright infringement from Disney by removing one of the manga’s most beloved scenes.

it’s not a secret Jojo I enjoy that the anime adaptation renames the villains and stands for song lyric references. In the past, we’ve seen things like Vanilla Ice to Cool Ice and Notorious BIG to Notorious Chase. stone ocean is no exception. Many fans expected a stand like Limp Bizkit to be called something like “Placid Pancakes,” stone oceanIn the original cartoon translation of , Netflix chose to flip a few letters instead. So, for example, the phrased pancake became a “limp bizkit.” The slight renaming of the characters is a bit of a disappointment to comics readers, but I’m glad David Production left out Mickey Mouse and the many comics minefields of references to famous cartoon characters in the anime entirely. The choice is not surprising.

Spoiler alert for the Bohemian Estatic episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

In the two-part episode “Bohemian Ecstatic” (a clever obfuscation of the manga’s title “Bohemian Rhapsody”), Narciso Annasui and Weather Report (now called Weather Forecast) become Ungaro, the Stand user. will play against Ungaro’s Stand, bohemian rhapsody, has the power to bring a fictional character to life to do his bidding. This fictional character will horribly bodysnatch any human nearby. Scary, that.

In the cartoon chapter on which the anime episode was based, Anna Sui and Weather Report were on their way to Disney World after escaping Green Dolphin Street Prison. Disney! ‘ Apparently, JJBAMore Creator Hirohiko Araki wanted to draw Mickey Mouse in this chapter, but his the editor advised against himOf course, Araki compromised by sneaking in a picture of a mouse’s tail. The Netflix adaptation was less audacious and removed all references to Mickey and Disney.

Most of these characters landed in the public domain, stone ocean Netflix would have landed in hot water if it had boldly included the rest of Bohemian Rhapsody’s minions.

To illustrate how quickly this episode would have resulted in a swift suspension and scrapping, here is a list of all copyright-worthy references from the manga and the corresponding anime changes, if any .

  • Astro Boy (see reference, no change)
  • Aladdin (seen or mentioned, no change)
  • Big Bad Wolf (no see, no mention, no change)
  • Disney World (unpublished, called “famous theme park”)
  • Chewbacca (I can’t see him, but I can see his name)
  • ET (completely cut from the anime)
  • fist of the north star Kenshiro and Raoh (unpublished but names are out)
  • Giant Robo (visually mentioned, no change)
  • Gigantor (not seen or mentioned, no change)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (no see or mention, no change)
  • Leo the Lion in the MGM Studios logo (completely cut from the anime)
  • MazingerMazinger Z (see reference, no change)
  • Mickey Mouse (hidden, called “a really famous character”)
  • Mona Lisa (invisible at least in this partbut the name is mentioned)
  • Peter Pan (completely cut from the anime)
  • Pinocchio (not seen or mentioned, no change)
  • Prince Charming (undisclosed, name mentioned)
  • Spider-Man (transforms into Batman: invisible, but name mentioned)
  • Terminator T-1000 (unseen but name mentioned)
  • The Three Little Pigs (completely cut from the anime)
  • Tinker Bell (completely cut from the anime)
  • Tweety (unseen, but mentioned by name)
  • Snoopy (anime complete cut)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (no change seen or mentioned)
  • Vincent van Gogh (not seen or mentioned, no change)

Jolyne Cuhoh points at the TV and spoils a surprise twist on the movie The Sixth Sense.

Jolyne is a spoiler sport.
screenshot: Hirohiko Araki / Viz Media / Kotaku

As you can see, David Production had to fight a lot when it came to figuring out which characters were better adapted for this particular arc and which were better left alone. . No one knows why David Productions decided to change Spider-Man to Batman, and luckily that change didn’t make this two-part episode of his less silly. Personally, these changes take precedence over removing her Jolyne Cujoh-ruining scene in the previous batch of episodes. sixth senseThe famous plot twist. Let my girl be a threat, damn it.

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