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Nick Offerman Almost Turned Down The Last Of Us

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It turns out that Nick could have turned down the role as Bill if it wasn’t for Megan Last of Us.

In this way, the world of the series will be taken away.” Award-winning Episode 3collectively brought millions of viewers to tears.

While discussing the show recently, Nick explained that he originally didn’t have time in the filming schedule.

“I didn’t have time on my calendar to say ‘yes’ to this job,” Nick admitted during an appearance jimmy kimmel live.

He continued, “My incredible goddess of wife read [the script] — and she said, ‘You’re going to Calgary, buddy! Enjoy! You gotta do this.

As for the amazing response to the episode (including tributes from Jeff Bezos), which Nick says is an incredible honor.

“It’s a tsunami of wonderful, generous praise,” Nick said. “The episode aired on Sunday. He had 6.4 million viewers.”

6.4 million people have thanked Megan.

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