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NICKELBACK’s CHAD KROEGER Is ‘One Of The Great Rock Songwriters Of Our Time’

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during the new appearance of “Pat’s Soundbite Unplugged” podcast, Nickelback bassist Mike Kruger call my brother Nickelback front man Chad Kroger, “One of the great rock songwriters of our time. I think he belongs at this moment in history and in the conversation of the greats of the last 20 years,” he added. “It’s okay [if some people don’t give him enough credit]History will be the final judge. And that’s okay.

“We never did this to celebrate our contemporaries or communities, award shows or anything like that. It has never motivated us.” Grammy,'” he explained.

“This is another opinion. Art is an opinion. We create opinions out there and people have their own opinions about it.”

“I think different people interpret songs differently. I think that’s kind of magic,” added Mike. “The same song he throws at ten different people, and he might get ten different answers about what it is, what it means, what it makes him feel. I think that’s the great thing about music.”

Nickelbackhistory dates back to 1995 in Hannah, Alberta, village fool, a nod to the small-town nature they grew up playing. 1996, chad,Alongside Ryan Peakemade a 10-hour trek west Microphone Back in Vancouver, British Columbia, the band still lives and continues to make music today.

The band’s numerous smash hits, combined with more than 50 million albums sold worldwide, have established them as America’s second best-selling foreign artist of the 2000s. BeatlesPopular smash hit “how you remind me” was named billboard‘s “Top Rock Song of the Decade” was a contributing factor in the publication’s decision to take the crown Nickelback Immediately after “Top Rock Group of the Decade”.

beyond them Juno Awardthe group received 9 grammy awards Nominated, 3 american music awards, world music awards, People’s Choice Award and seven match music video awardsThey are Canadian Walk of Fame in 2007.

Nickelback‘s tenth studio album, titled “Get Rollin'”was released on November 18.

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