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Outrage Forces Ottawa Theatre To Cancel Plans For ‘All-Black’ Show & Now A​ll Are Welcome​

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Ottawa’s National Arts Center (NAC) Announcing “Blackout” Night As part of a series celebrating Black History Month, the online backlash has been ugly.

In its release, the theater described “Blackout” nights as “a dedicated space for black audiences to witness shows that reflect the vivid kaleidoscope of the black experience,” and to all “black-identifying audiences.” invited openly.

However, NAC has revealed on their social media Everyone is welcome to all shows at the theater, including “Blackout” nights, and “no one is turned away”.

Originally reserved for black audiences on February 17th, the night God is, The award-winning American play written and starring by a black woman will run nine total screenings at NAC in February.

The event was immediately met with outrage on Twitter, with many users accusing the NAC of racism and gatekeeping.

“So, given that the National Center for the Arts is currently doing monoracial-only shows, are they planning to do white-only shows?” 1 user asked. another I have written About how he wanted the event to be boycotted.

The issue caught the attention of Canadian columnist Jonathan Kaye. statement he received from the NACits attendees do not undergo a ‘race check’ to enter the ‘blackout’ night.

“No one will be turned away at the door. There will be no checkpoints for Black Out Nights ticket holders and no questions about identity, race or gender,” the NAC said in a statement to Kay. .

NAC’s updated announcement got more positive responses on Twitter.

“Good news if true!” 1 user I have written. “You made the right decision,” says another I have written.

The concept of Blackout Nights was born on Broadway. slave play In 2019, it was reserved for black-identifying audiences. slave play Playwright Jeremy O. Harris.

According to the purpose Black Out Nite websitewas to create an artistic environment for a black audience “free from the white gaze”.

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