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Ozzy Osbourne cancels all shows, says his touring career is over

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Ozzy Osbourne announced his upcoming cancellation showand said his touring career was over due to his “inability to do it.”

of statement released on wednesday 74 years old He was in a serious accident four years ago that damaged his spine and said he could no longer handle the travel required for the tour.

“My sole purpose during this time was to get back on stage,” he said. “My song the voice is nice But after three surgeries, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy, and the recent breakthrough Cybernics (HAL) treatment, my body is still physically weak. ”

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During his career that began as a member of the groundbreaking heavy metal band Black Sabbath, Osbourne won a Grammy Award for his solo work and as part of the band he left in 1978.

Osborne delayed His 2019 tour to recover from an initial spinal cord injury said he was “honestly humbled by how patiently you’ve been holding onto your tickets so far” when he canceled the tour on Wednesday.

His farewell tour of Europe and the UK was scheduled to begin in Helsinki, Finland in May.

The heavy metal legend has suffered a string of health ailments in recent years, with a Parkinson’s diagnosis revealed in January 2020, contracting Covid-19 in April 2022, and surgery two months later. rice field.

Osborne’s team is “currently thinking of ideas about where we can perform without having to travel from city to city and country to country,” he added.

He thanked his family, band, crew, longtime friend Judas Priest and his fans for “their endless devotion, loyalty, support and for giving me a life I never dreamed of.” I ended my statement with thanks.

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