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Piers Morgan warns King Charles over Harry, Meghan’s appearance at coronation

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Outspoken TV host Piers Morgan warned Charles III that the British would not accept Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attending the coronation.

The 57-year-old doesn’t think “nobody cares that Meghan Markle attends,” but insists the Duke’s attendance is “very personal” to the King.

The TalkTV host said, “He has two children, one of whom has become a rogue. So what does he do? Will he banish him? or will you show him the olive branch, reconciliation?”

Speaking to Fox News, Morgan added: Somewhere near this coronation.

“Of course, he’s the heir to the throne, so it might not be a decision Charles can make on his own.”

The former Good Morning Britain host pointed out that the cost of the coronation was paid for by the British taxpayer, saying, “Remember that Charles is not only representing his family at this coronation. When he is crowned, he will be crowned king of the English people.”

“We’re paying for this coronation, but I don’t think the majority of people I’ve spoken to[Harry and Meghan]want to be there because William doesn’t want them there. ” he added.

“He thinks they’re just going to get tape recorders and cameras and get material for new books and movies.”

Another prominent British columnist, Alison Pearson, wrote in her column for The Daily Telegraph that she would be booed if Harry and Meghan attended the King’s coronation on May 6, 2023.

The California-based couple’s conflict with the British press is one of the major themes in Harry’s memoir, which includes a highly personal account of the journalist who wrote the article that Duke disagreed with. .

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