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Queen Elizabeth’s former aide says Harry can’t be trusted

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Dr. Gavin Ashenden, Queen Elizabeth’s former chaplain, said Prince Harry should be banned from attending King Charles’ coronation.

On GB News, he said the Duke of Sussex could not be trusted.

“I am amazed that anyone thinks there is any benefit to be had from this. No, but I think I’m with William,” he said.

Gavin Ashenden said, “I don’t think Harry can be trusted unless he pulls off some sort of stunt. After all, he and Meghan are totally dependent on publicity.

“And I think they should show that they’ve become trustworthy before they’re invited to such public places. I don’t think they have the time or the opportunity to do that.

Meanwhile, King Charles wants to attend Harry’s coronation and has reportedly asked the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to arrange for his sons Harry and William to attend the coronation.

British media also reported that Prince William objected to his father’s idea of ​​inviting Harry to the event after he spoke about the royal family in his book Spare.

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