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Rian Johnson Wouldn’t Mind Making a Star Wars TV Series

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Rian Johnson is many now on his plate, from the launch of knife out sequel glass onion on his Peacock Mystery series poker face. so much it why we didn’t heard a peep from his plan previously published trilogy of Star Wars other movies he really likes keep doing them.But johnson isn’t However Down for some movies.

feels like 7 million years since the release of the last jedi In 2017, culture wars harassment firestorm On that debut and the rest of Johnson’s abilities Booked, busy and don’t care It meant that there was little time to talk about the director’s previously announced return to the franchise. Star Wars galaxy. But during those millions of years, Star Wars has evolved into more than a fully armed and operational movie franchise. through programs like mandalorian, boba fett book, obi wan kenobiand now far away best of them all, Andor. And Johnson doesn’t mind being like that either.

“I Star Wars everything. If I come up with an idea that excites me, it will work better in the show than in the movie,” Johnson recently said. thollywood reporter about his future Star WarsOf course, whatever Johnson wanted to make, he’s too busy right now. poker face‘ continued the director. “I will always be with Cathy. [Kennedy] I am having a conversation with Do you know?make of the last jedi I must have been very lucky as it was the best experience of my life. “

in the meantime right I would be happy if Johnson eventually pushes three movies. Star WarsWhat movie horizons did we think we should expect when it was announced years ago at this point? I don’t say no to TV shows.during his history breaking bad When poker face He’s good at dabbling in the medium, and perhaps there’s no better way to make room for more meaty ideas to chew. the last jedi Brushed up more than a TV season? Unfortunately, as Johnson reminded us, all we can do is keep hoping.

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