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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On February 2, 2023

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What a great idea!The idea of ​​spending the days we have lucky in love, light and promise…we tend to enter a mediocre relationship from the “honeymoon stage”. When we start to realize that things aren’t as ideal as we thought they would be, we tend to complain rather than fix them.

Today is a good day to solve the problem. If it’s one of the signs that you’re feeling “ambitious” about love and relationships, it’s a good day to work on it.

Venus sextiles the Moon Node today. north nodeand when such events occur, we get the opportunity to confront what hurts us without fear. The person of , and most of all… the person we loved.

The North Node presents the idea of ​​”wanting to heal” and Venus in sextile. moon nodewe look forward to shedding a healing light on our relationship. We still have the legs to stand on and cannot let this romance fall apart.

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And today, February 2, during the sextile of Venus, north and south nodes, we try again, knowing in our hearts that we will succeed this time. Not this time. Our intention is to win. We are not here to fight this war to fail – no, not us.

So please understand this Lucky we are in love: Today is the day to restore relationships. We recommend that you don’t stop until you get the job done. This works, but you have to stick with it till the end.

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