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The “Glass Onion” Reviews Are In

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A full review of Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is out today, and so far it’s been rated on par with the first film.

according to rotten tomatothe film stands at a 94% (8.1/10) approval rating from critics and a 96% (4.7/5) approval rating from viewers.

This compares to the first film’s 97% (8.3/10) critics and 92% (4.4/5) ratings.

Here’s a sample citation:

“The once again scriptwriter has no shortage of ammunition for his rat-a-tat against the ephemerality of pop culture and the navel-gazing delusions of wealth and fame.” Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“The first one was good… this one is better. An original, head-turning-silly, fun new whodunnit romp featuring Daniel Craig as Benoît Blanc, the legendary detective of the Deep South .” – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“I can’t talk about what happens with ‘Glass Onion’ without being surprised, but part of the joy comes from being wrong about what happens next.” AO Scott, New York Times

“One of the purest pop delights of the season, a compelling, audience-pleasing production that balances franchise obligations with clear wit and creative purpose.” Barry Hurts, Globe and Mail

“‘Glass Out’ expands into something more extravagant than the first ‘Knives Out.’ maybe.” – owen gleiberman, variety

“It shines with mischief, crafted with cunning, and executed with fervent wit… So why does the whole enterprise feel so strangely thin and cold?” Anthony Laine, New Yorker

Johnson has hinted that the third film in the series will be his next feature, and he said: deadline He’s already taken notes on his plans to start working on the script in the new year.

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” premieres on Netflix on December 23rd for a week starting today.

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