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The One Thing Rings of Power Ultimately Did Better Than Jackson’s LotR

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Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was a huge critical and commercial success. It won a total of 17 Academy Awards, won Best Picture in 2000, and collected nearly $3 billion at the box office.

Naturally, following in its footsteps is no easy task for The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power.

Even the next Hobbit film trilogy by Peter Jackson himself fell short of its predecessor, so the TV series was serious from the start before considering Tolkien’s purists, who were critical of even Jackson’s work. faced a difficult struggle. Get closer to the raw material.

We can now see that Season 1 of The Rings of Power largely failed in that struggle.

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Many of the other aspects, such as plot decisions and dialogue, are controversial to say the least. Still, the show had some aspects that almost certainly matched and surpassed Jackson’s film.

For example, take oak. Jackson’s Orcs were appropriately grotesque, gruesome and terrifying, but they were little more than artificially grown bioweapons for Sauron and Saruman, possessing little or no will of their own, appearing only as blind, The movie did very little to explain it: it skipped explaining the different divisions between orcs that exist in the book: aggression.

Meanwhile, the Ring of Power has taken time to explore the intricacies of the orcs’ origins, revealing the “first generation” of orcs: Addar (Joseph Maul) was introduced. Orc “kids”.

The Orcs are still vicious and brutal, actually closer to horror movie monsters than Jackson’s films, and while Adder himself is a brutal and mean warlord, there is a tragedy to their existence, and they are clearly intelligent. It’s a creature. It deserves a certain amount of respect, while remaining a distinct danger.

In particular, Tolkien himself had long struggled with conflicting ideas about the nature of Orcs (“Fallen Elves” was just the version of origin that Peter Jackson decided to use), and he was perfectly happy with it. I didn’t come up with a lame answer.

Orcs were more than mere automatons commanded by the Dark Lord, but Tolkien was completely incapable of believing that sentient and soulful creatures could remain evil forever and wanted to portray them as tragic monsters. There was not.

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Rings of Power’s attempt to address this problem may not be entirely satisfactory, but at least it is.

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