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The relatability shtick falls flat if you’re too famous | Rebecca Shaw

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IA celebrity decided he should hire me. Not for writing TV shows or movies (which is good, of course), but for more significant social media-based roles. My job is to warn them when they are about to cross the Relatability Line. The Relatability Line is the rope that crosses the entrance to the descent. twitter hell.

This task may seem unnecessary, but we live in unprecedented times. Never before in history has the norm had this kind of direct access to celebrities and their thoughts. Or is the fact that there is a generation of people who have become famous. There are cases.

That’s where I come from.

The lack of relationship between the rich and famous used to be hard to tell. Just send it out. David Geffen has deleted Instagram after posting a Covid wish from a $590 million superyacht.Ellen fired for comparison Quarantined in her mansion and imprisoned. In a 2019 incident, Lizzo was dragged out for complaining to her then one million followers about underpaid food delivery her drivers.Kendall Jenner is on camera and is happy to show she doesn’t know how cutting cucumbers. Incidents of this sort, and backlash to incidents, have generally confirmed that it’s common for celebrities to be incredibly out of touch. It means that

A few days ago, I saw Keke Palmer’s tweet and it got me worried. This might come as a surprise if you know who Keke Palmer is. She’s always funny and fun on Twitter, but she’s also a versatile actor/singer/comedian/writer.She’s had a long and solid career in the US, but her fame has increased in a more mainstream fashion with her recent star turn in Jordan Peele’s Nope. came WHO?, to them. i love her. She’s pregnant too, looks happy, has a boyfriend, and is handsome enough to make me a lesbian. she is thriving! This is why I am concerned. I saw her tweet like this:

oi @EA, I have two accounts. One has a Sims 4 pack that I can’t access… Do I really have to buy it again or can I somehow merge my accounts?

— Keke Palmer (@KekePalmer) January 24, 2023

This charming and funny “She’s like us!” tweet tickled my Spidey (web as much as online) sense. Keke has been playing The Sims for a very long time (just like me!) and many people have loved her historically. I know she’s genuine about her love for The Sims and I think she has the right to tweet the company about payment issues. I was worried that I would get a backlash for getting help or saving money.

Keke is tiptoeing to The Relatability Line. The buzz around No, and her apparently being the star of Nope, kicked Keke a step higher in the direction of superstardom. I feel like I can’t go on and it’s just aimed at followers.

Once working celebrities reach a certain level of prominence, their statements are no longer just addressed to an established audience that loves them. , more people to interpret your tweets, more perspectives to keep in mind, and more articles to write. In the case of Keke Palmer, there is also the added threat of misogyny and racism directed at her.

In addition to this, knowing or believing that a particular person you follow has a certain level of wealth, or is simply assuming wealth, can pass you by when talking about money. is unlikely to give

A very funny poster, Chrissy Teigen, tweeted a story about discovering this when it became famous and buying $13,000 worth of wine.After a long career of her tweets and other career growth, she eventually quit platform.

There’s already a bit of that in Keke’s replies and quote tweets. Many have complained that EA will respond and fix Keke quickly. Many people tell her that she should pay for it herself. It wasn’t a huge backlash, and there are still many tweets liking Keke’s relevant Sims tweets.

It must actually be very difficult to stay funny and normal on social media when your life outside of social media is completely disconnected from real life. It must be a bit like getting older.At some point, no matter how hard you try, you can’t keep up with what cool young kids are saying.No caps.

Keke hasn’t crossed the line yet, but it might not matter in the end. Anna Kendrick is notoriously funny on her Twitter and her posts make her look like she’s on this side of the Relatability Line, but that didn’t work either. You in feature films.

It’s entirely possible that Palmer will navigate these waters perfectly well. She’s quite the pro at achieving the right level of internet sarcasm. I have.

The best course of action is for her to hire me and tell me to take a break, then take a break. Or anyone who can put down a phone can do anything. And I hope one day, when I’m starting to get famous, when she sees me tweeting complaining about the fancy Jolt company, she’ll work up the courage to warn me .

Rebecca Shaw is a writer based in Sydney.

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