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The Sussexes “Expected to Snub” Royal Christmas 2022

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in case you were wondering Meghan Markle and Prince Harry With plans to return to England for the world’s most troublesome holiday season with the British royal family, the answer, of course, is probably not.

Reportedly Prince Charles Did it extend the invitation As Meghan and Harry join the royal family for their annual Christmas at Sandringham, Sun They report the invitation as “expected to sneak” as the relationship is “sour”.

Royal biographer Angela Levin said, “The Queen’s death means there’s less pressure for the whole family to stay together. This is a good thing, as it looks like Harry and Meghan won’t be attending.” .”

Meghan and Harry spent Christmas with the royal family in 2018.

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She added that “Harry and Meghan won’t be coming,” and said their decision to sit this down could be “a relief for the rest of the family.” The Sussexes Netflix documentaries Tensions are expected to rise in the coming weeks.

Levin said: “It’s up to the Sussexes if they want their children to know what their father’s family is like, but after the documentary, the royal family may not want their children there. I can’t.

FYI, there is no indication that Meghan and Harry will discuss the royal family in the documentary (Meghan is simply Said It’s a love story about her and Harry’s relationship) so for now the family seems to be spiraling… nothing.

Having said that, harry memoirs— is expected to dive into some of the more difficult subjects involving his family after the January holidays. More on what to expect here:

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