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The Top-Rated Films—Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu And HBO Max—Streaming In February

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According to combined Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores, these are the highest-rated movies coming to the streaming service in February, including Academy Award-winning films and favorite anime.

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The streaming platform is introducing a number of critically acclaimed films and Oscar winners to its catalog this February.

netflix Award-winning movies will be available soon la la land, call me by your nameand the Lord of the Ring series, alongside a slate of original content.

animated hits like Shrek When shrek 2 (amazon prime video) When how to train your dragon 2 (Hulu) is also set to debut on streaming.

HBO Max Adding some Oscar Best Picture nominees. gravity When Taxi driverand winners Silence of the Lambs When Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).


1. call me by your name,February 1 (94% rotten tomato94% metacritic).

2. Lord of the rings: return of the kingFebruary 1 (93% rotten tomato94% metacritic)

3. la la landFebruary 1 (91% rotten tomato94% metacritic)

Four. Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the rings,February 1 (91% rotten tomato92% metacritic)

Five. Lord of the rings: Two towersFebruary 1 (95% rotten tomato87% metacritic)

6. thatFebruary 1 (86% rotten tomato69% metacritic)

7. Julie & Julia,February 1 (78% rotten tomato66% metacritic)

8. pursuit of happiness,February 1 (67% rotten tomato64% metacritic)

9. Lyle, Lyle, CrocodileFebruary 4 (72% rotten tomato51% metacritic)

Ten. Operation Finale, February 20 (61% rotten tomato58% metacritic)


1. AmurFebruary 1 (93% rotten tomato95% metacritic)

2. If Beale Street could talkFebruary 1 (95% rotten tomato87% metacritic)

3. refrain from your criticismFebruary 18 (95% rotten tomato82% metacritic)

Four. how to train your dragon 2February 1 (92% rotten tomato77% metacritic)

Five. something in the dirtFebruary 10 (91% rotten tomato76% metacritic)

6. 50/50February 1 (93% rotten tomato72% metacritic)

7. super badFebruary 1 (88% rotten tomato76% metacritic)

8. PiggyFebruary 9 (91% rotten tomato72% metacritic)

9. arthur christmasFebruary 1 (92% rotten tomato69% metacritic)

Ten. immortal bladeFebruary 15 (86% rotten tomato72% metacritic)

Amazon Prime Video (both on sale February 1)

1. (Tie) Nearly Famous (89% rotten tomato90% metacritic)

1. (Tie) Enron: Smartest Men in the Room (97% rotten tomato82% metacritic)

1. (Tie) Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (97% rotten tomato82% metacritic)

Four. breadwinner of the family (95% rotten tomato78% metacritic)

Five. Food Co., Ltd. (95% rotten tomato80% metacritic)

6. (sea bream) downhill racer (85% rotten tomato89% metacritic)

6. (Tie) Sugar (92% rotten tomato82% metacritic)

8. Shrek (88% rotten tomato84% metacritic)

9. devil in blue dress (92% rotten tomato78% metacritic)

Ten. Tyson (85% rotten tomato83% metacritic)

hbo max

1. gravityFebruary 23 (96% rotten tomato96% metacritic)

2. Taxi driver,February 1 (96% rotten tomato94% metacritic)

3. 8th grade,February 1 (99% rotten tomato89% metacritic)

Four. everything you breatheFebruary 7 (100% rotten tomato86% metacritic)

Five. honey land,February 1 (100% rotten tomato85% metacritic)

6. terminator,February 1 (100% rotten tomato84% metacritic)

7. (Draw) Force Majeure,February 1 (94% rotten tomato87% metacritic)

7. (Draw) PlatoonFebruary 1 (89% rotten tomato92% metacritic)

9. Silence of the Lambs,February 1 (95% rotten tomato85% metacritic)

Ten. miracle worker,February 1 (96% rotten tomato83% metacritic)

main background

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores are very similar, but each source has its own way of calculating scores.of Rotten Tomatoes Critic’s Scoreis known as the Tomatometer, the percentage of critics who gave a movie or TV show a positive rating. Movies and shows with positive reviews above 60% of his are given the Fresh His Tomato symbol, while movies and shows with scores below 60% of his are given the Splat symbol. metacritic Computes a weighted average of critic reviews for a movie, TV show, or video game, assigning different weights to each critic and publication according to their importance or quality. Scores are displayed in green, yellow, or red to indicate positive, mixed, or unfavorable reviews. Movies with a score of 81% or higher are designated as “must see”. Both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic track user ratings, but these are displayed separately from critic scores.


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