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The Witcher: Blood Origin’s Latest Trailer Teases the Arrival of Joey Batey’s Jaskier

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The Witcher: Blood Origin’s latest trailer reveals that Joey Batey’s Jaskier of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” fame will be part of a prequel series of four-part events.

The Witcher: Blood Origin’s latest trailer has been shown at CCXP in Brazil, giving us a good look at the “Witcher Saga Origin”. Amazingly, Jaskier finally appears in front of his Seanchai in Minnie his driver.

“You’re a bard. I’m a storyteller. I want you to sing a story that comes to life,” says Seanchaí.

Jaskier replies, “Do you think anyone deserves this?”

Jaskier’s arrival is good news for fans of The Witcher, but it’s also a bit of an interesting twist, as this new series takes place 1,200 years before the original. The trailer talks about the Monolith causing a rift between worlds, so Jaskier’s role in the story could be responsible.

The Witcher: Jaskier of Blood Origins

However, there are some theories online that Jaskier is actually immortal, especially considering he hasn’t really aged over the 20+ years we’ve already seen on Netflix’s The Witcher.

For the rest of the trailer, we get another glimpse of the seven main heroes of our story. They are all exiled strangers who must unite to fight the “Unstoppable Empire”.

Speaking of that empire, we also see the teasing of Lenny Henry’s chief sage Valor and his powerful beast.

Netflix has also shared new key art for the series, featuring seven heroes from The Witcher: Blood Origins, including Michelle Yeoh’s Sian, Sophia Brown’s Eir, and Lawrence Of Align’s Fiyar.

For more on The Witcher: Blood Origin, check out the final trailer for the series, which showcases a bloody battle. A breakdown of the Witcher timeline.

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